Love and Theft

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What a great album. I just finished listening to it for the 1000th time and the whole time I was thoroughly enjoying it. From beginning to end, there's not a song that makes me want to skip ahead. It's way more 'country' sounding than I usually go for, but damn that's some good stuff.

Anyone else really dig it? Hate it?


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    does anyone actually know what u are goin on about?
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    [quote]Originally posted by leviathan:

    <strong>does anyone actually know what u are goin on about?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    of course.. Bob Dylan.. jeez.

    Great album. even better when you see him play the songs live. I've been to a ton of concerts but the 2 Bob Dylan shows I've gone to in recent years are right up at the top. Love and Theft is good straight through. Larry Campbell is da man
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    ha ha, you just made me start iTunes to listen to it for the 5th time this week alone. that's alot when you have over 100 hours of music to choose from.
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    Ah, two of our members with good musical taste agree with me I just need someone like TW99 or Luca to come in here to say that it sucks and I'll be sure that I've got a good ear

    So, like I said, this type of music is usually not my bag, but I'm really digging it. I'd like to expand a little to the bluesy/country side of things just because of this one. Where should I start?
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    o brother where art thou soundtrack.

    excellent CD.
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