Apple releases iTunes 10.2 for compatibility with iOS 4.3 devices



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    mrfishmrfish Posts: 14member
    hey did anybody have this issue when installing itunes 10.2 . it finished installing but it won't start unless i install rosetta , which i'm pretty sure is not supposed to be needed to run this .

    any ideas

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    superbasssuperbass Posts: 688member
    Originally Posted by TheWatchfulOne View Post

    iTunes is already not a spreadsheet. It's a database. Sorry to be all technical, but a spreadsheet and a database really are two very different things.

    Of course it's a database, but I was talking about the layout/design. It looks like a spreadsheet, and basically works like a simple, ugly, spreadsheet.
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    Originally Posted by jabohn View Post

    Is it just me or did they put back color icons in the preferences? Or were they always color in version 10?

    Just noticed that today, too. I think they reverted back to colour in 10.2. Small enough change, but as I recall it was a little unclear as to which preference pane you were in without the color.
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