Inside iOS 4.3: mobile streaming with iTunes Home Sharing



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    Originally Posted by MyopicPaideia View Post

    That is fair enough, and I buy that completely. But then how often would you have to sync hard-wired? Once very 3-6 months? That's much better than whenever I want to swap out or access files/media that aren't currently on my iPad.

    I think if it can recognize a wireless versus a wired connection and have it perform differently between the two, it would be a step in the right direction. As you say swap some files wirelessly would be fine over wireless. However, do a full backup or upgrade to 4.3 can only be done of a wired connection.

    I personally do not mind the wired connection. Often, I will get things setup, and start to sync before I go to bed, or while I am in the shower, or doing some house work where I do not plan on using my iPad for any long(er) period of time. It is not an inconvenience to me, especially since most files I can download direct to my iPad from either an iTunes Store or the cloud. Some things that I may not be able to would be songs ripped from a CD or movies ripped from a DVD, but would you still want to sync them wirelessly? My songs are lossless and/or hi-res which means they are 30-100MB each and a movie is usually over 1GB in size. That is a lot of data to get potentially corrupt.

    Personally, I am still not sold on the benefits of wireless. (Could be just because I design wireless networks and know they are crap, especially in residential environments, for any critical streaming applications. )
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    to complete the web of connections created by remote, home sharing and existing airplay would be to permit an iOS device to push its output to a mac via airplay (as if the mac were an apple tv or similar). Whenever I use the volume button on the iPad and see my choices limited to iPad and the airport express, I am surprised that the mac mini isn't listed as an option.
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    Originally Posted by Motivated View Post

    Instead of playing music through my mobile device I'd like to play it through a good set of wifi speakers - I think this means AirPlay. Does anybody recommend a pair of AirPlay speakers or a site listing good options.

    you could buy an airport express and then choose any powered speakers you are comfortable with rather than from the limited selection of AirPlay-ready speakers. And extend your wireless network at the same time (and have a router for travel...).
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    Has anyone else tried home sharing from a new Mac Book Pro? I have and it is not working. Works from an updated PC but not from my MBP. Others are having this same issue as reported on the apple forums. So far suggestions by Apple customer service have not worked. Rebuilding the library fixes it for a little bit but then it can not be pulled up again. Trying to select the library from the iphone gets an message " can not connect to media library". Wife (PC) have same appleID, again works from there but not from Mac. Also, home sharing on the Mac can see and run PC library, but PC can see but not run Mac Library.

    Not sure what the solution is at this point. Any suggestions welcome.
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