Pardon the self-indulgence (a new photo series)

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I've just finished putting the final touches on a series of photographs from Bonaventure Cemetery here in Savannah. I'd love to hear your feedback, especially from any artists/photographers in the crowd. I'm a graphic designer by trade, but photography is what I love doing most. I just don't think I'm good enough at it to make money at it.

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    Where's the little girl grave?
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    Thanks to Jack Leigh, she's in a museum now.
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    Good work!

    I have a few DV stills of her. She was quite the disturbing little girl...
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    Wait I might have confused the cemetaries. I know the MGGE Justice statue is in a museum but the little girl?
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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    light etc are ok. photos like the old classics that you do when your point is to learn the use of light in the b/w photos and then you go to develop and print them yourself.

    very stabile, no movement; nothing happen in the pics.

    clic, clic, clic... after 5 clics.. hey c'mon where do i arrive? 10 ... uuuh... 15.. sorry, i didn't go over the 15 clics, ... needed something different, moviment etc before that. or a simple thumbnail catalog; clic what u want to see. no.. clic, wait, clic, wait, clic...

    somewthing movement.

    and the catalog...
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    [quote]Wait I might have confused the cemetaries. I know the MGGE Justice statue is in a museum but the little girl? <hr></blockquote>

    Hmm, yeah I was thinking of Justice too. I must have missed what you were originally thinking of.
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    Thats not to bad what you have done! I do think, however, I think some photos are better than others. I like the typography on the first 2 pages.. Quite nice!
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    OH I like your page too its good, particularly the iCal section

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    Thanks Trevor. I definitely have my favorites, but I chose some that I thought were less successful artistically just because their subject matter was so interesting.

    Bianca: good suggestion about the thumbnails -- it's done. I respect your opinion regarding the lack of action, but you do have to realize that it's a cemetery. There is no action, and even if there were, I don't know that it would be entirely appropriate for the subject -- or respectful to those whose spaces I was documenting, for that matter.
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    Some questions and some critique

    did you develop and print these yourself?

    do you use a manual or automatic camera(or semi auto)


    they weren't very striking for me. I am a photographer, and to me alot of the art is taking a regular old scene and making it stand out in a strong or sutble way. Your pictures looked kind of like you took them all with a digital camera, turned them into grayscale and changed the levels a little...there were a few that I liked but for the most part they were kind of bland, I definatly didn't feel the macabre and I would suggest that you focus more on bringing your shot to life(or death as it were) and not just recreating what you saw.

    but at the same time it could just be the gamma of this cruddy monitor I'm using that cause the pictures to look as they did. so I could be off my rocker.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    I liked them, pusherman. They look nice and pleased my eye, so that's enough, right?

    I don't know enough to talk in any length.
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    [quote]Originally posted by pusherman:

    <strong>I've just finished putting the final touches on a series of photographs from Bonaventure Cemetery... </strong><hr></blockquote>"I have always been

    fascinated with the art of dying."

    You could do worse than going here then <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    - T.I.
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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    there was another site, not deathclock. thye do something like 200 - 300 questions and calcolate when u die then.

    the first time i did that they told me i'd die 12 july 2025. the second time i did that test i would die already 2012. if i do it now a third time i think it'll give something like 2003 ....
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    I never did understand the relationship between cemeteries and photography. In high school, the photography classes included field trips to the cemetery.
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