What's in your wallet?

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What do you have in your wallet - now???

(I guess most of the people don't clean up their wallets so often ...)

Ok, I have a new wallet (thanx still to the ****er in france.. kill him plz somebody)

and in it...

- my main (and most spammed) email address, written on the wallet

- 2 apple visit cards (the others were in the robbed wallet)

- an a7 or a8 blocknote (double size of visit card) half used

- a receipt (thrown away now)

- media world discount card and flying dutchman card (???)

- 1 portuguese euro, 1 holland euro, 2 x 5 portuguese cents, 5 spanish cents, and 2 euro 79 cents of italian euros...

that's it

(yes, no money, no credit cards, no bancomats, no fotos of present or former bfs)

<img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" /> :eek: <img src="graemlins/embarrassed.gif" border="0" alt="[Embarrassed]" />


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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Okay, I'll play...

    Seven $1 notes, one $10 note, one $20 note = $37 (USD)

    One California driver license, one University of California @ Berkeley student ID, one Safeway Club card. one AAA Plus card, one Costco card, one VISA card, one AmEx card, one ATM card, one Blockbuster membership, one Great America WOW season pass (never ended up using it,) one copy of life insurance policy, one valet key for car.

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    A colony of very rare albino moths.
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    Absolutely nothing. But I have $37.25 in my pocket.
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    couple of business cards

    10 cents

    bank credit card, savings card and a lay-by voucher for my new Giant XtC NRS Dual Suspension bike****

    ****Thats why there isnt much cash in my wallet
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    $115, my school ID card, Hollister "Club Cali" card, Abercrobie gift card, Modell's MVP Member card, Finish Line member card, Blockbuster card, 2002 Mets schedule (time to get rid of it), my house key, and that's about it right now.
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    ACLU membership card, $69, a picture of Eman's mom

    Just kidding. Seriously?

    AAA Plus member card, Blockbuster card, Carnival Sensation cruish ship ID card, King's College Student ID, DL
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    Drivers License, PayPal card, Captial One card, USAA card, Wachovia check-card. Big-Zoo phone card, .17 cents, 18 old carbon reciepts from subway, 3 from Dragon Chinese, and 4 from Holiday Pizza. Blockbuster card, Movie Gallery card, Student ID card, Insurance card, Ticket stubb from They Might be Giants concert, condom, MCI calling card, 3 hotel keys (the key card kind), Jamaican dollar, both my library card and my wifes, porn store membership card, Austin Powers 3 ticket stubb, Business card from mexican restaurant, phone card some homeless guy gave me for $5 (never even tried to use it!), picture of my daughter (so cute!), ANOTHER ticket stubb for Austin Powers 3 (how the hell did I get two???), 2 crumpled up bible tracts some person gave me.

    that's all.
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    [quote]Originally posted by ShawnPatrickJoyce:

    <strong>a picture of Eman's mom


    I was wondering how long it would take for someone to say that
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    georgetown student id.

    maryland driver's licence.

    health insurance card, atm card, gold check card.

    mastercard, amex blue, platinum visa (bling bling) and platinum discover.

    two metro farecards (with .15 and 3.90 on them, respectively) and assorted business cards (2)

    Also, 91 dollars. 50 20 20 1.
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    nm licence, insurance card, aaa card, 3 credit cards, voters card, ss card, pictures of the kids (couple of years old...need to update, but i no longer rate a school picture as they all go to friends now), costco card, a zen parable from the little zen calender from my wife's birthday a few years ago (one of my favorite zen sayings: A man encountered a tiger. He fled, the tiger after him. Coming to a precipice &lt;yes it is a big word EmAn...ask your mom what it means&gt;, he caught hold of a root and swung himself over the edge. The tiger sniffed at him from above. Trembling, the man looked down where, below, another tiger was waiting. Two mice, one white and one black, began to gnaw away at the vine. The man saw a luscious strawberry near him. Grasping the vine with one hand, he plucked the strawberry with the other. How sweet it tasted!)...nothing else...i keep money and shit in my front pocket.....g

    oh, a 12 year old condom is wedged in there too...can't for the life of me remember why i keep it.....
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    What do you need all the credit cards for? Will I need all of those someday?
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    sorry typo!!!

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    [quote] What do you need all the credit cards for? Will I need all of those someday? <hr></blockquote>

    answer to first question.....one is just mine; one is a card in both my and my wife's name...and i have no idea why i have the third....

    answer to second question.....no

    luckily i pay them off each month....the available credit they give you is insane these days....if i maxed out all three cards i could buy a freakin house (maybe i should do that....i need a nice little place to keep EmAn's mom )....g

    ohhh, my next post is 1000...must save it for something grand....though i don't really like the look of the 999 up there...i'm a bit dyslexic and i keep seeing it as 666....scary

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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Driver's License

    TCF Phone Card

    AAA Card

    Health Insurance Card

    Athletic Club Card

    And $395

    Yes, $395 is a lot to keep in your wallet. I just turned in a scholarship check and I was over by $405, so I got all this money. I spend $10 on a Gyros sandwich, headphone extender cable, and a Piña Colada smoothie (pity, no alcohol). I'll be heading to the bank so I don't have all this money in my wallet, it makes me nervous.
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    Here's my turn.

    I just got a new GUESS® wallet since my Mandarina Duck® wallet has been used for many many years. NEway, back to topic. Currently, there are;

    One WSU Cougar Card w/Sport Pass sticker on it, one AMEX, one Discover Platinum, one BankofAmerica GOLD check card, one resident alien card (aka GreenCard), one SIM card, 9 "Washington" bills + 1 "Jefferson" bill, some Hong Kong dollar bills, some receipts for me to write on, one StarBucks card, one old Washington State driver's license, three American Red Cross first aid cards (Infant and Child CPR, Standard First Aid, and Adult CPR/AED), and four on-campus coffee cards.

    That's it. Get back to sleep.

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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    [quote]Originally posted by thegelding:


    oh, a 12 year old condom is wedged in there too...can't for the life of me remember why i keep it.....</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Hey, congrats for your next post, thegelding
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    stoostoo Posts: 1,490member
    Switch card

    National Insurance number card

    Sixty Euros

    £5 in change

    Univeristy id card, which expires tomorrow (1st Oct), as I'm now a graduate

    Photocopier card (20 copies, about three years old)

    2 Student Unions membership cards (out of date)

    Miscellaneous receipts, including a French postal receipt

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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    ... i bought a stamp that cost 1,24 E (the same stamp cost 0,62 till some months ago, now WTF is this inflation..) .. so i have 1,55E... i need to go get my ibook on the other side of the city, it came fixed, so need 2 x 1,00 E bus tickets... ... loan 0,45 E somebody...

    i hate euro, i do...
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    I have in my wallet, several hundreds of euro. I lost count. This just in case I see something I like (doubtful between a big-ass firewire hard-disk, a smaller but still big-assed 20 gig iPod, or a digital camera with a big-ass ccd).


    I wish I had several hundreds of euro in my wallet to buy any of the above, or all. Where are my priorities?

    Still, I've got all legal papers to drive a motorcycle, which I am about to do just now. Goodbye.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    [quote]Originally posted by der Kopf:

    <strong>I have in my wallet, several hundreds of euro. I lost count. </strong><hr></blockquote>

    You live in Belgium, why dont you use a Bancotact like the rest of the world?

    Aaaanyway, as for myself, brace yourselves... I have SO much crap:

    first of all, its a really nice Gucci wallet that I got for my 18th birthday and I treasure it more for sentimental value rather than it being a Gucci. Plus, its nice. Brown leather with a cloth green, red, gree stripe in the middle, horizonatl. Maybe I should just take a picture, icant find it online anymore.

    Inside of it:

    Visa Gold Card, Bank card, Qualiflyer [sic] card, Medi Card, Granam calling card, Brussels 10credit transportation card, happy days card (never used, but gets me movie discounts, so), and an International Student IS card that expired a few years ago but that many places I visit dont bother reading the date, so.

    A 20? bill, a temporary driver's license, my ID card, a bank statement, a Lapin Kulta beer label with Italian to Finnish translations which are good for meeting girls , a small card from my ex girlfriend, and 2 taxi vauchers.

    Coins: mostly euro cents from belgium, one from germany, greece, and france.

    pocket 1: 2 extra mobile phone SIM cards (Italy and France), a business card from a girl who makes jewellery (and is very cute), my old business card from when I worked at Honeywell, some belgian stamps, a few wallet sized pics of me, a photomontage picture I made of a friend where I put her head on cindy crawford and made dozens of print outs and distributed them at a college party. That was hillarious. You could hear her scream a few minutes later as she found out, although I can't figure why she got upset.

    pocket 2: a pack of public transportation tickets for Rome and for Paris. A laminated card with the 'prayer of saint francis of assisi' that I keep because my mom gave it to me and despite as much as I dont care for the church, its always hard to throw that kind of stuff away, especially if mom gives it to you. grr. A picture of me and my mom in Central Park from 1980, more saintly things that Im stuck with (from my mom again), a measuring tape from Ikea, a small envelope with a picture of my ex girlfriend and some of her nice notes she left for me that I still treasure. A key to one of the hundreds of locks I bought for my luggage. great, which one?

    pocket 3: a business card from a weapons store in Rome, 3 medium sized band-aids (always prepared), 2 x 1 dollar bills from NYC (you can see where dollar bills are printed by looking on the president side and look on the left. The letter will tell you where it was printed. "B" is NYC. A 1000lira bill, and 3 NYC Hard Rock Cafe' backstage passes that I never managed to use.

    pocket 4: a global clube (or something like that) card, and my Italian 'social security' card.

    Damn.. I would be fvcked if I ever lost this wallet... or had it stolen.
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