Inside AT&T vs Verizon iPad 2 data service plans



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    Hey everyone... for those looking to transfer your unlimited data plan to your new iPad 2 it was rather easy...

    Go to the iPad Landing page on AT&T's website

    Then enter the email and password you use for your account.

    Next click on Edit User & Payment Information. You will see your current iPad's IMEI and ICCID. Click on update information. Enter the new information from your new iPad 2 and follow the prompts.

    Once the information was updated it took just a couple of minutes and now my new iPad 2 has the unlimited plan. My old iPad will now let me sign up for a new plan using the current plans available (wife thought she was getting my unlimited plan)... and to think I didn't need to spend time on the phone. The only issue I have seen is that the old iPad as the same cellular number...
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