Three Things You Want Added to Each Product Line

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1) Matter transport

2) Barry Sanders

3) 22 Jizzahurtz CPUs

4) more boobs


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    Bumping back to the top. This thread was pushed to the bottom as a reply was added to it when the AI clock was somehow set to April 15/16, 1990.
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    All things good and pure flow from greater bandwidth...revised MB, DDR Ram, faster HDs. If I understand correctly, none are really of value until the processor is fast enough to feed them, no?

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    1) G5 & UMA 2 (DDR, AGP 8X, FireWire 800 Mbps, USB 2.0, faster bus, Rapid IO, etc.)

    2) redesigned case with AT LEAST2 full 5.25" drive bays

    3) NV25 & Radeon 8500 standard


    1) Apollo G4 running at 800 MHz+

    2) NV17M or Radeon Mobility 7500 with AT LEAST 32 MB RAM

    3) higher resolution screen i.e. AT LEAST1440 x whatever


    1) GeForce4 MX

    2) option of 17" LCD

    3) 1 GHz


    1) Sahara G3 800 MHz+

    2) Radeon Mobility w/AT LEAST16 MB RAM

    3) lighter?
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    1. lighter - under three pounds

    2. longer battery life, six hours of fairly intense use.

    All other products - Some kind of bundling, perhaps done by a third party, so that I could give a complete system to someone. For example, an iMac, a printer (installed an and selected in the chooser), an ISP, a one click account at Apple (for iPhoto use), etc. Now if I want to do this for my mom or my brother it involves getting on an airplane, going there and assemblig all the parts.
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    Interesting thread applenut

    Powermac series

    1. G5 processors

    2. UMA2 motherboard, with the works. Bus speeds of either 266mhz or 400mhz (133 double pumped or 200 double pumped, matching the DDR RAM).

    3. Fully flexible BTO options, like there used to be. I'm talking being able to take that bottom PM and change the processor to the top model's. Or at least a DP option for the bottom model (presuming mid and high are going to have DP G5's)


    1. Radeon 7500 or Geforce 4 MX

    2. Cheaper models. In the next rev, keep the bottom model with the same spec (or make it a 4th model), but for $999 or $1099. It's time apple took the CRT iMac's market away (and the next show, a $799 model).

    3. Speed bumps, 900/900/1000. With the PM on the G5, they are clear to let the iMac use the G4's top processors.


    1. 17" cut to $599 (it's $699 now with rebate, 600 would be competitive in 4 months, 500 would be very, 700 would be way behind).

    2. Cinema res bumped to HDTV res (1920x1400 ??)

    3. 15" dropped to $399


    1. Change to at least a 50Mbps format, compatible with current technology (read: 11Mbps can connect on a 50Mbps, at 11Mbps). Same range, maybe better thru concrete/metal...

    2. PRICE DROPS. $49 for an airport card. $199

    3. Include an airport card on all pro machines, and the top iMac.

    Misc Accessories:

    1. Bundle pro speakers with all desktop machines, and offer heavy discounts on iSticks when purchased w/macs

    2. Heavy discounts on mac/iPod purchases (like office and a mac, US$150 off).

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    PowerMac G4

    1.) G5

    2.) CHEAPER

    3.) Improved updated 2.0 UMA motherboard (DDR, 266Mhz FSB, 8X AGP, ATA/133, etc)

    Powerbook G4

    1.) Radeon mobility 8500

    2.) Higher resolution screen (equal DPI to 12 inch iBook)

    3.) 1 Ghz g4


    1.) G4

    2.) ATI Radeon mobility 16MB DDR

    3.) Different color


    1.) Radeon 7500 or Geforce 4MX

    2.) Cheaper

    3.) More MHZ and more bus


    1.) price cuts to 449, 799, 1999

    2.) VGA

    3.) Better color handling

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    Now that all the lines have been refreshed I thought it would be a good time to ressurect this topic again.

    same rules... three things for each product... no clockspeed because everyone wants it to increase

    PowerMac G4

    1.) G5

    2.) Cheap DP option at around $1999 (dual 733 or something)

    3.) Improved updated 2.0 UMA motherboard (DDR, 266Mhz FSB, 8X AGP, ATA/133, etc)

    Powerbook G4

    1.) Radeon mobility 7500

    2.) Higher resolution screen (equal DPI to 12 inch iBook)

    3.) new HD options from IBM and Fujitsu


    1.) G4

    2.) ATI Radeon mobility 16MB DDR

    3.) extended desktop video support


    1.) Radeon 7500 or Geforce 4MX

    2.) 17 inch LCD option (maybe for 1999 @MWNY)

    3.) More HD BTO options (up to 160GB)


    1.) price cuts to 449, 799, 1999

    2.) an 18 inch Cinema Display

    3.) HDTV native resolution Cinema Display


    1.) bigger HD options 10GB or possibly 20

    2.) ability to record and encode on the fly

    3.) 2 or three versions depending on HDs. 299 and 399 or 299, 399, 599
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    Yes, those would all be very nice. Possibly sometime in the future
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    OK, I'll bite...

    Power Mac:

    1. A completely re-designed UMA that supports DDR, 800mbps firewire, and ATA/100 (so people stop worrying about it because we're nowhere near having an ATA drive that can top out at 100MB/s).

    2. Four USB ports ON THE BACK OF THE MACHINE, don't care which flavor since the kinds of peripherals I use for USB are about convenience, not speed (that's what Firewire is for).

    3. Wider range of BTO options (including cheaper ones) for the applicable items: hard drives, graphics cards, and removable media.

    I don't plan on buying any other item from the Apple Product Matrix, but if I did it would be a TiBook, so:

    1. I'll break the rules and say 7455 CPU's that clock much higher than the existing models (It's the only real weakness IMO).

    2. New case design that perhaps puts the Ti where it's needed for strength, but removes it where it is not needed (to drive down the price).

    3. Longer duration battery. I bet Apple can make a light weight battery that keeps the machine running for 10-12 hours - so that you could get through an entire working day if you had to without swapping, shutting down or recharging.

    As for the other lines, I won't chime in because I don't and probably would not use them at all. I'm a high-end geek.

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    I agree about having a cheaper dual processor option. Apple seems to have plenty of 1GHz chips to sell at under $3000, so it's probably viable for them to offer slower dual processor configurations at a cheaper price.


    Powerbook G4

    1.) Radeon mobility 7500<hr></blockquote>

    Bleh. I'd much rather have the upcoming NV17M. Based on the current G4ForceMX chipset in the current PowerMacs, it is light years ahead than a Radeon mobility.

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    [quote]Originally posted by Nostradamus:


    Bleh. I'd much rather have the upcoming NV17M. Based on the current G4ForceMX chipset in the current PowerMacs, it is light years ahead than a Radeon mobility.

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

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    how so.. the radeon mobility 7500 with 64MB DDR blows the crap out of anything on the market and I would be surprised if the new nVidia chipset was better
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Yes, buy year's end, I'd like to see a:

    1. G4 iBook, with a beefier video card, 256MB base RAM and appropriate hard drive.

    The iBook is awesome, so there's honestly not much I can think of...just the expected, evolutionary things. But a G4 iBook, bringing ALL of Apple's lineup to full OS X-friendly/usable levels.

    As far as the iMac, I think we'll see a 17" version. Unlike the previous iMac, this one is quite clever in its design, in that it leaves room open for future display increases.

    Other than that, maybe larger hard drive (as more people do the digital video/iDVD thing).

    Oh, and maybe address that silly RAM thing. As far as this new iMac has progressed from the original 233MHz Bondi model, they seemed to have REgressed in the area of RAM and updating RAM.

    Like those first generation, tray-loading iMacs, it uses a more expensive RAM, AND you have to have an "expert" open up the case to enable you to max out the RAM. That's no fun!

    PC100 RAM, with BOTH slots EASILY accessible (just like the slot-loading models) would be the one thing that would make this new iMac absolutely perfect.
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    I take it this is supposed to be reasonably realistic?

    PowerMac G4

    1.) G5... which implies a new motherboard since it'll use a new bus design, so it'll have all the new bus technologies.

    2.) BTO DP option on any PM in the store.

    3.) The full geForce4 high end boards as a BTO option (at least). Radeon8500 and the next Radeon design as BTO alternatives.

    Powerbook G4

    ... no preference here ...


    1.) G4... I want Apple's entire lineup to have AltiVec.

    2.) ATI Radeon mobility 16MB DDR


    1.) Radeon 7500 or Geforce 4MX

    2.) 17 inch LCD option

    3.) Coloured translucent cases.


    ... no preference here ...


    1.) 20 Gb drive & MPEG encoder chip.

    2.) A tiny FireWire video recorder (i.e. just the mic, lens, and CCD) that connects to the iPod and uses it to compress and record video. Small enough to be a headset would be cool.

    3.) A nice case.
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    [quote]Originally posted by Programmer:


    PowerMac G4

    1.) G5... </strong><hr></blockquote>

    You want Apple to call a G5-based PowerMac the PowerMac G4? Well, I've heard the reciprocal, but never this.

    <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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    [quote]Originally posted by Eugene:


    4) more boobs</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Apple is trying its best.

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    amorphamorph Posts: 7,112member

    1) Across the board DP G5 (or DDR-friendly G4) w/ next-gen bus technology;

    2) Two FireWire2 busses; one for peripherals, one for plug-and-play clustering at 3.2Gb/s;

    3) (Relatively) quiet, smaller case.


    1) Two standard, user-accessible slots for PC133;

    2) 7445 CPU, with DP in the high end model ("world's fastest consumer desktop!");

    3) GeForce4MX.


    1) Polymer battery;

    2) Radeon 7500 Mobility;

    3) Two lines, a la iBook: The svelte line, like the current model, and a big, fire-breathing "portable desktop" with a dense LCD, 5400RPM drive with a fat cache and dual processors.


    1) Big, built-in polymer battery with 8-10 hour battery life;

    2) 7445, on a 133MHz bus;

    3) starts at $999.
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    That looks like male genitalia. <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" /> <img src="graemlins/surprised.gif" border="0" alt="[Surprised]" />
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    pookjppookjp Posts: 280member

    Higher resolution screen.
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    rolandgrolandg Posts: 632member
    Spoiling the "three-things-pre-productline"-scheme a little bit - well, not really:


    * Bluetooth across the line - more and more cellular phones supporting Bluetooth will be introduced (CeBIT is just around the corner)

    * Airport standard across the line

    * flatten the iBook a bit

    * adopt new memory technology as available - i.e. using DDR on the PB and upping the iBook to 133-SDRAM

    * OLED - once it is matured

    * longer battery-life - it allready is long but hey, the longer, the better


    * New memory (see above)

    * Offer built-in ISDN (it's kind of common in Europe - at least wider-spread than in the US)

    * Offer 17"-(maybe wide-screen?)-souped-up-graphics-(GeForce 3 Ti or 4 or some fast ATI)-digital-audio-out-(or add wireless Pro-Speaker-based X.1 surround sound)-DVI-out-iMac as the ultimate entertainment system

    * Bluetooth keyboard and mouse (or keyboard with touchpad) to go with that - or make a decent remote control and gamepads (all wireless, of course)

    * Make it as silent as possible - haven't heard one yet and I don't want to in the future

    * Soup-up the Gwhatever with the latest technology - the pricepoint demands it


    * the iPod really is cool - though still expensive, but worth the money - add more functionality and make it a true floppy-disk replacement (i.e. add USB)

    * surprise me with something along that line

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    [quote]Originally posted by Nostradamus:


    Apple is trying its best.

    [ 02-02-2002: Message edited by: Nostradamus ]</strong><hr></blockquote>

    That pic just gave me a cool idea. What if some third party made a Y type stand for the pro speakers that allowed them to mount from the base of the iLamp? Maybe a lucite collar ring, well a C really, so that it slips on just around the vent (not over it obviously), and maybe uses two of the holes to keep from moving around. Out of this collar stem two wide arcing arms to which the pro speakers can be affixed. The arms curve back then forward far enough to clear the LCD's range of motion, so they don't impede it. Now your speakers sit reasonable far apart (maybe a touch over two feet), your speakers no longer use up desk space; and, the real bonus, your new iMac looks even more like a sun-flower! HEHEHE

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