Users report flickering issues with latest Apple TV software update



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    Originally Posted by success View Post Do you have storefronts where you are?

    This is the first time I've ever needed a micro USB cable even with all my gadgets. There are actually two flavors of micro USB cables with different shapes. One that is more in the shape of a square (many cameras have them) and the flatter kind that the ATV2 uses. Maybe it's just this flatter one I haven't seen.

    EDIT: Nvrmd got it.


    I don't understand. I've never hooked up my ATV2 with a cable. Why do you need one?
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    TV2 into yamaha 3 year old amplifier/surround to 3year old LG 52"LCD via fat hog hdmi cables that are 25 ft long.... no trouble at all.

    Airplay is so freaking awesome! That is a killer app
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    Originally Posted by nkhm View Post

    There's no resolution issue to iron out. Your phone video is simply low resolution when broadcast to a large screen...

    Isn't HD coming from the currently available iPhones? I can't see apple creating a feature as cool as airplay and then downscale your video. I agree on that apple needs to iron it out.
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