US iPad 2 orders from Apple's online store now ship in 3-4 weeks



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    Originally Posted by Fatboy Jerome View Post

    Has anyone received their iPad2 ahead of schedule?

    Not really, but here's my rundown.

    Ordered 32gb, black, wifi only at 7am CT 3/11.

    Got my cover on the following Wed, 3/16

    iPad said Ships 5-7 bus days, it officially shipped the following Fri so maybe that's 5or6 bus days depending on how you wanna calculate it and since it shipped from China, whatever.

    Original shipping notice said I'd get it yesterday, but unlike my cover, it took the scenic route across the US starting in Alaska this time. oh well.. then made it to KC this AM and it's on a Truck as I type.

    Estimate was I'd say right on avg. If anything I'd say Apple is SPOT ON with their numbers which makes me feel pretty solid about their system.
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    ssls6ssls6 Posts: 49member
    Originally Posted by Fatboy Jerome View Post

    Has anyone received their iPad2 ahead of schedule?

    I should. My original ship date was April 1st, it shipped today to Fed-ex March 25th. My delivery date went from April 8th to an estimate of March 31.
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    Originally Posted by td1 View Post

    got 16GB white wifi (the one i was looking for) today from westborough (MA) target store. no line, just walked in and after me still one left in their stock. yesterday missed the last one in framingham target store in front of me. the new target store in marlborough east got some yesterday ? i was too late. looks like they are mostly getting 5 white wifi 16gb in a single fedex shipment ? at least in target stores near boston area. this tracking system really works:

    ? also the best time is around noon to check availability. At least in Boston, it is still tough to get one from apple store unless you are ready to stand in the line very early. going to cancel my online order in a moment (expected shipping date Apr 11).

    Thanks for the tip and it worked great... one Target store outside of Harrisburg, PA area had a few models in stock of both colors of the 3G AT&T & one Verizon model this morning and my only wait was for the employee to come to the section and help me out.. sure beats the wait I had two weeks ago at the Apple Store! Also was quite surprised since there is a Best Buy in the shopping center as well that has a Apple section and they are bone dry except for their $100 waiting list. Now I can have my wife stop giving me the puppy dog eyes over mine!
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    katefukatefu Posts: 3member
    I had given up waiting at the 9am opening time at stores but I was at a store in Los Angeles in the afternoon and asked informally if they had any and apparently they were sold out in the morning but got some more in the afternoon and so I got one (an AT&T 32g too!). funny how that works.
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