Apple's iPad 2 coming to 500 RadioShack locations starting Tuesday



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    I agree. I've supported Apple so far through this. But this new move is crazy. Apple should fulfill the orders it has before shipping thousands of units to new suppliers.

    Of those 500 stores, I'm willing to bet that each location gets one or two iPads. That's just a drop

    in the bucket. Why shouldn't one of Apple's largest outlets of iPhone sales get a crack at the iPad?
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    I think I got on a waiting list at my local Radio Shack a year ago, and they never called. I called them for the first 2-3 months during which time I didn't move one spot on the list, while they claimed to have not received any iPhones. So, they can kiss my a**.
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    When I woke up this morning, I immediately called my local Radio Shack store. A chick picks up the phone and says that they only have one iPad2 left! I ask which model and she tells me 16 GB black Wifi. Luckily for me, that was the exact model and color which I wanted. I told her thanks and then I slammed the phone down and prepared to get ready for action.

    I got dressed in literally less than one minute and I ran like a deranged madman down to the store, which was only 10 minutes away. When I arrived at the store, gasping for breath and sweaty from all the running, I walk up to the counter and ask the guy behind the counter about an iPad 2, and he informs me that they still had that one left! So I bought it! I was going to get a smart cover, but they didn't have the color I wanted, so I'm going to wait. They also tried to push Applecare on me, but I was having none of that.

    I haven't even opened my iPad yet, I'm still out of breath, but I'll get around to it a bit later for sure. I can't believe I got the last damn one in the entire store! I guess I was lucky for a change. I was also just on and cancelled my previous iPad order, which wouldn't be arriving for almost a month from now. Screw that.

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    First Shack I called this morning answered at 7:20 even though they don't open until 10. Confirmed they had "some" in stock. First 2 choices: 64 gb AT&T 3G and 16 gb white wifi no go. Did have. 16 gb black wifi "woe be happy to hold for you". Gave them my name, showed up at 10:15, already people in line just in case, out with new iPad! One downer, only case was grey smart cover. Oh well. Otherwise a great experience.
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