14" iBook needs G4 to distinguish



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    Cubit: How would a 10" iBook do in Japan?
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    My first PowerBook was the Sony-built PB100. It was terrific as a note-taker, but the floppy was external (a big pain back then) and it had a tiny HD, so software was limited-- a big drawback when yo want to pack both Japanese and English SW

    Well, the 2300 PB is still popular in Japan, so I can only report that when the iBook came out last summer, Akihabara was practically stormed. I wanted a Quicksilver (as I have Cubes but no PowerMac capitans) and G4 Cube had just been discontinued, but since I would be back in the US by August I sure did not want to try to haul that back, I went for the iBook (fully in Japanese, so I put all my Japanese software there) and was instantly converted. I still love my G3 Pismo .

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    [quote]Originally posted by EmAn:

    <strong>Instead of putting a G4 in the 14" iBook, Apple should just get rid of it. It's big and ugly and the 12" screen looks better.

    [ 02-05-2002: Message edited by: EmAn ]</strong><hr></blockquote>

    agreed. how bout they just move the whole line to g4, then put a better grfx card that can pump a higher rez and the little bugger would be set, those ibooks are great machines.
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    [quote]Originally posted by janitor:


    agreed. how bout they just move the whole line to g4, then put a better grfx card that can pump a higher rez and the little bugger would be set, those ibooks are great machines.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    So, essentially, you want a TiBook w/o PCCard slot for the iBook price?

    Not very likely, IMO.


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    What this thread shows is, as usual, there are different strokes for different folks. I have a 14" ibook, a dual 500, and a 867..... and to be honest the iBook does just fine in OS X (Office X, DVD playing, QT, Web, iTunes, iPhoto, other image editing......).

    As for the resolution..... hands up from those who are complaining that it is no good.... how long have you used the iBook and did you think it was so bad ? I use mine for hours and hours and it is great.... and I have a 22"ACD and 15"ASD to compare it to.

    What about the portability.... hmmmmm - it is my constant companion on the weekends.... and I have had absolutely no thought that it is too big or heavy. What about Japan..... well I live in Tokyo and I can tell you that I have seen heaps of other 14" (and 12" iBooks) about.

    So like I said, those who dont like it wont buy it...... but there are plenty who are happy with it (including me .... well it is my wifes actually).


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    I don't think that a 400Mhz G4 is a suitable alternative to a 600Mhz G3. Both TiBook 400's I've used were quite slow, even in OS9. Coulda been a whole system thing: slower HDD, vid card and bus -- I know that the 600Mhz iMacs we had in the lab just trounced it. But those were desktops (with a laptop MoBo?) with faster HDD's at least, so that coulda been a big boost for the iMacs. Never ran the Ti's off external HDD's so I dunno, although a few reports on the internet suggest that more RAM and a 5400rpm drive give the Ti400 a noticeable boost.
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    Thank goodness some of you aren't in charge of any consumer device manufacturers! Why do you feel the need to limit choice even more than Jobs?

    Sure Apple needed to simplify the product line, but not because less choice is better, it was to give the company internal technological focus and external marketing focus. That is good for surviving as a niche player in the short term, but Apple is now in a different place.

    Now Apple needs to be more like Sony and Sony doesn't limit choice. Apple has to slowly get back to making more product lines. More products means more choice and more upgrade paths....all the things people expect from technology.

    That doesn't mean that they should repeat past mistakes and the elegance of the product line is a selling point in and of itself, but as Apple has been buying high end technology, they can't just keep pushing it all in every consumer iMac for ma and pa. They need to differentiate their markets and then advertize much better!!!!

    And that mean 10" iBooks and quad G4's and whatever else the market will support.
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