Motorola's Android 3.0 Honeycomb Xoom sales forecast slashed to 100,000 units



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    wovelwovel Posts: 956member
    Originally Posted by Wovel View Post

    Too bad all those videos play in browser and full screen on the iPad... They are certainly available in HTML5, how do we know from that video they were even playing in flash...

    P.S. Who came up with the gigantic buttons and forgot to give access to the progress bar in full screen view.. Maybe he can show us the Android equivalent of high screen scrubbing in full screen..
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    maccherrymaccherry Posts: 924member
    I love technology and competition is good when IT IS GOOD. But no one has been able to pwn the ipad. All I've read is hype. Period.

    If Moto had created their tablet from the ground up, design and software, then we could talk. But if you're just trolling off the shelf tech parts and free software, then you're only in it for ME TOO effect.

    Apple builds their swag from the bottom up and test the hell out of it. Just look at the fit and finish of the ipad. It is as if everything was chiseled from granite. It all works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get a clue haters!!!
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    lowededwookielowededwookie Posts: 1,061member
    Originally Posted by boriscleto View Post

    Apple reports it's earnings on Hitler's birthday?

    Someone knows a little too much about Hitler. Do you run the Barbie museum?
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    swingerjswingerj Posts: 21member
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    swingerjswingerj Posts: 21member
    Originally Posted by neiltc13 View Post

    The buttons are controlled by the developer of the Flash container, so in this case it would be CNet that designed those.

    This is an example where the owner of the application (Adobe) should provide some sort of guidelines on the GUI ...or even provide them. I find it difficult to rationalize that any developer (CNET) would override a good UI with THAT unless the built in one was worse...

    The lack of the progress bar in full screen was entertaining to me as well.
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    damn_its_hotdamn_its_hot Posts: 1,197member
    Originally Posted by sflocal View Post

    That line just cracks me up. Good ol' DED-style...

    Seriously, the XOOM was destined for failure the moment it came out of the factory. What a shame that most will end up as door stops.

    I agree on the line - the problem was they brought them out of the factory well before they were finished. This isn't done yet and thats not quite done and? just pack it up and send back so we can finish it up in a month or two. Say what? I wouldn't buy a car with no seats or doors with promise that if I brought it back in in a month or two they could have back in a week or so (and hope the seats are comfortable and the paint matches). Not the kid!
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    ecphorizerecphorizer Posts: 533member
    Originally Posted by boriscleto View Post

    Apple reports it's earnings on Hitler's birthday?

    Who's Hitler?
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    island hermitisland hermit Posts: 6,217member
    Originally Posted by Ecphorizer View Post

    Who's Hitler?

    He bought the first Xoom.
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    swingerjswingerj Posts: 21member
    Originally Posted by island hermit View Post

    He bought the first Xoom.


    (Too"That 70s Show"?)
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    hill60hill60 Posts: 6,992member
    Originally Posted by Archos View Post

    It's a flop when you develop a product chasing the taillights of last year's product, end up blindsided by this year's product, and end up losing money. Look at MMI earnings: already back in the red after a brief year of profitability when it didn't have to compete against Apple...

    Apple isn't Motorola's problem, HTC, Samsung, LG, ZTE, Huawei, Veiwsonic, Barnes & Noble and everyone else jumping on the Android bandwagon are Motorola's problem.

    The death of another American industry at the hands of (mainly) Asian rivals.
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    newbeenewbee Posts: 2,055member
    Originally Posted by Gakusei View Post

    Competition is good and iOS is feeling long in the tooth.

    I don't think so, like I always tell my wife ...... if you're doing it right .... you don't have to do it often! ...
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    hill60hill60 Posts: 6,992member
    Originally Posted by lowededwookie View Post

    Have you READ Nineteen Eighty Four? I'm picking most people who spout lines like this haven't. Job's control over the user experience isn't anything like the misinformation, manipulation of news, or degradation of the language as is suggested in the novel.

    Incidentally, you also didn't read this article because it mentioned how Google has controlled the source code to Honeycomb as well.

    Why are people like you continually allowed to be oxygen thieves?

    Using the time travel functions of my iQuantum Mac brain implant, I have brought you back this essay question from an early 21st Century history exam set in 2297.


    One of the most prominent examples of a reference that can be drawn from Orwell's book 1984 is "doublespeak" and Google's liberal use of it.

    Discuss in 3000 words or less, giving examples.

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    hill60hill60 Posts: 6,992member
    Originally Posted by Ecphorizer View Post

    Who's Hitler?

    Someone whose birthday is uncomfortably close to Queen Elizabeth II's birthday, which is why we in Australia, celebrate the Queen's birthday with a holiday in June.
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    There is actually ONE successful iPad competitor - the nook color. 3MM units sold. Not iPad numbers, but respectable especially compared to 100M units for the much higher hyped Xoom. And I am convinced it is 100% price. Zune made the same mistake - they made a slightly inferior iPod and tried to compete against it on an equally price basis. If you have to pay the same (or more), who is going to buy the slightly (or significantly) inferior product? If you are way late to the game ( like Zune was and Xoom is), give the consumer a great price and establish a presence - THEN worry about making money.

    This is what I think the success of the nook color is. It's a great price for a nice device. No iPad, but for $200 it does a lot, and it well made. B&N is probably not making a dime on them but they are staking a claim in the digital marketplace. They are thinking more about where they will be in a few years then making a big splash in the press. Samsung and Motorola could take a lesson from that. Give us a $250 Xoom or Tab, and you'll be a force in the market this time next year.
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    mrstepmrstep Posts: 486member
    Originally Posted by Menno View Post

    We're not talking profit here.

    Exactly, which makes your defining it as a success already pretty funny.


    The fact that ANYONE expected this to sell anywhere near as well as the ipad did is laughable. Motorola didn't. Verizon sure as hell didn't.

    Oh, I didn't either.


    100,000 units of an $600 (on contract) or $800 (no contract) device is a HUGE amount, especially when you're talking that it's ONLY available on one carrier, the wifi model is less than 10 days old and it ISNT EVEN AVAILABLE internationally yet. So what the numbers mean on a "international level" is pointless considering it isn't available there yet.

    Not so much. Given that it's slower than the iPad2 out of the blocks (uh, hardware, though cetainly sales too...) and running a half-finished OS, expecting higher sales numbers would be crazy - as you yourself are now saying, even as you try to spin that as success. This tablet has run into the wall of the iPad and will get taken down by the upcoming Samsung devices***. If Moto is already cutting off the orders, it's going to end up being an unsupported .9-gen Android tablet that couldn't win on specs, price, or software on day 1. It's not a huge amount if you expect support from developers or the company itself even if the number is higher than you could personally produce in your basement.

    Of course, if Xoom hasn't been launched globally yet, then they still have a... no, they really don't have a shot. Sorry.

    *** And it's not likely that Samsung is going to be any sort of winner there either, just that people looking for a sleeker tablet running Android won't be lining up to pick up the Xoom so it will undercut Motorola even further.


    But then, I wouldn't expect you to understand that.

    Given your general lack of insight, I can't say that surprises me.
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    dick applebaumdick applebaum Posts: 12,527member
    Originally Posted by samab View Post

    Motorola HAD to launch because they were splitting the company into two --- despite the fact that Honeycomb was an ugly hack that was far from production quality.

    That makes no sense at all -- the division of the company was decided in advance, and was not tied to the release of the Xoom or any product.
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    mrstepmrstep Posts: 486member
    Originally Posted by lowededwookie View Post

    Someone knows a little too much about Hitler. Do you run the Barbie museum?

    Says the jealous director of the Ken museum?
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Originally Posted by mrstep View Post

    Says the jealous director of the Ken museum?

    Completely off topic and inrelevant but your post reminded me of this clip:
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    Originally Posted by dish View Post

    I consider this DOA QED. No surprise. All the competitors are competing against laptops and desktops as opposed to competting against the iPad. This is evident when you consider that they are all hell bent on promoting specks and complexity where as the iPad is about simplicity and doing basic tasks well and very fast. Putting one of those tablets up against a laptop or desktops an instant failure since most people already have one of those devices and more than capable.

    I'm seeing a lot of average non techy types asking me about the iPad and going out and buying them....never ONCE do they show any awareness that there are competing devices to consider, it's truly amazing, I've never seen that happen with any device. I think the carnage is going to catch everyone by surprise at how big they all fail.

    Now if I could actually *get* an iPad 2, that would help. The situation in Australia is pretty insane, a friend of mine has been trying for two weeks to get one because he underestimated demand and did not queue up in time on launch day.

    That said, I've played around with a few iPad 2s in the past few weeks, and it's great and all that, but the camera quality is pretty low, I have to admit. I might stick with my iPad 1 for a lot longer than anticipated, due to (a) lack of ability to buy iPad 2 and (b) probably sour grapes related to (a).

    What is AMAZING is all these other companies still just don't get it. They were banking on Google's photocopy of iOS to save them again, this time with tablets. It's just not happening.

    As for Flash, well, we all know the story there. I can hear the fans spinning up on this older Intel Core 2 Duo white non-unibody MacBook as I am typing this. What has Adobe been doing for the past 2 years I wonder. Honestly.

    And what is holding back developers from making Honeycomb or other tablet-optimised apps? There seems to be such overwhelming interest in Android development, eg. Google I/O... but why are there so few Android tablet apps?
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    cycomikocycomiko Posts: 716member
    Originally Posted by lowededwookie View Post

    I'm always bemused that people like YOU don't take the TCO into account.

    Congrats, you bought a iPhone sans contract and how much did you save on the TCO? ZERO.

    Check this out according to the costs we here in New Zealand have to pay on the Vodafone network.

    iPhone 4 32GB on Smart3 contract:

    3GB data free

    120 minutes free

    600 texts free

    Total: $81.75 + $379 for iPhone = $460.75

    iPhone 4 32GB without contract based on Smart3 rates:

    3GB data @ $0.11/MB = $337.92

    120 minutes @ $0.71/minute = $85.20

    600 texts @ $0.20/txt = $120.00

    Total: $543.12 + $1328 for iPhone = $1817.12

    iPhone 4 32GB without contract:

    3GB data @ $0.20/MB = $614.40

    120 minutes @ $0.91/minute = $109.20

    600 texts @ $0.20/txt = $120.00

    Total: $843.6 + $1328 for iPhone = $2171.60

    Recap, the prices are as follows:

    On Smart3 Contract = $460.75

    Smart3 Contract with Full Price iPhone = $1817.12

    Off Contract Full Price iPhone = $2171.60

    That's based on one month with the phone included, let's total it for two years shall we?

    On Smart3 Contract = $2341.00

    Smart3 Contract with Full Price iPhone = $14362.00

    Off Contract Full Price iPhone = $21574.40

    Hmm, I'm failing to see how you save more money by buying the phone outright rather than going on a fixed 2 year contract.

    14,362.00 ??? wtf?

    nobody who is paying outright for their iphone are paying vodafone nz's retarded fees for anything.

    You are only showing 600txts, but 3gb of data. The official quantites of gb and txts are 0.25 adn 600 respectively. The current is 3gb and 1000txts 'until further notice" - which basiclaly means 'until we hook enough people onto the 24month plan'
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