Gartner rivals IDC to report Apple fifth largest, with 9.3% share of US PC market

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A report by Gartner agrees with IDC that PC shipments have contracted both globally and in the US, but the firm issued sales numbers that are significantly different than its market research rival.Â*

Just as IDC reported earlier today, Gartner noted Apple as being among only two of the top five US PC vendors to experience growth in PC shipments in the first quarter. However, Gartner figures that Apple's US market share is 9.3 percent (vs IDC's estimation of 8.5 percent) and calculates the Mac-maker's year over year growth as being an incredible 18.9 percent, nearly twice as much Mac growth as IDC reported (9.6 percent growth).

Both companies reported the total Q1 2011 US PC market as being in the ballpark of 16.1 million units, after each reported a discrepancy of nearly a million PCs in the year ago first quarter. However, Gartner placed Acer third, Toshiba fourth and Apple fifth in the US, while IDC had credited Toshiba with third place, Apple fourth, and Acer fifth.

Gartner analyst Mikako Kitagawa was also more confident in blaming slowing PC sales on Apple's iPad than IDC was. "Low prices for consumer PCs, which had long stimulated growth, no longer attracted buyers," Kitagawa wrote. "Instead, consumers turned their attention to media tablets and other consumer electronics. With the launch of the iPad 2 in February, more consumers either switched to buying an alternative device, or simply held back from buying PCs. We're investigating whether this trend is likely to have a long-term effect on the PC market."

Like IDC, Gartner now counts iOS and Android-based tablets as "media tablets" in a separate category. Without counting tablets, the US PC market contracted by 6.1 percent, Gartner reckons, a slightly less dramatic loss overall compared to IDC's 10.7 percent figure for US contraction.



Global PC salesÂ*

Gartner's bad news numbers for the global PC market weren't quite as bad as IDCs but still remained in negative territory, with the firm estimating that global shipments fell by 1.1 percent, compared to IDC's figure of 3.2 percent contraction.

Gartner also placed Acer in second after HP, ahead of third place Dell. IDC had reported nearly 1.8 million fewer units sold by Acer, putting that company in third place behind a second place Dell.Â*




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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 10,557member
    Do investors actually use this stuff to decide if they are going to buy or sell AAPL? How do investors interpret these conflicting numbers from "rival" analysts? WTF does all this mean?
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    Dear AppleInsider,

    You know how you preface rumor headlines, Rumor:

    Could you also do one for analyst articles

    I don't know.. maybe like

    Paid Fantasy:


    Analyst Drivel:
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    r00fusr00fus Posts: 245member
    Apple is squeezing the PC market with the iPad on bottom and the Macs on top.

    Expect low-end players like Acer to strike for quality or die trying. Dell is in a tough place. HP is staking it's future on WebOS... Lenovo, well, the ThinkPad name is valuable, but not much else remains.

    I'm amazed Sony still sells PCs. The only machine that has ever died on me (a work machine, btw) was a Sony Viao. Between that and the rootkit fiasco, they should be run out of town, tarred and feathered.
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    irontedironted Posts: 129member
    Don't trust the Gartner numbers. They are Microsoft paid shill. It's clear Apple outsold Acer in USA and has far higher profit margin. And how the hell did they get another 500k units for Acer?
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    Originally Posted by lkrupp View Post

    Do investors actually use this stuff to decide if they are going to buy or sell AAPL? How do investors interpret these conflicting numbers from "rival" analysts? WTF does all this mean?

    As far I can tell, they do. And they get as confused as you (we) do!
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,752member
    Can some one throw up the top ten PC companies in a similar table format sorted by net profit on these sales please?
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 24,285member
    There's companies (most perhaps? Dunno) that do not separate net profit figures based on specific products within the same division.
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    herbapouherbapou Posts: 2,228member
    If Apple could figured out a way to make an 11" Macbook Air at 499$ you would see them start dominating the PC market has well.

    Well maybe with an I3 sandy bridge CPU with integrated HD3000 GPU, 64 gigs of SSD could be pretty low cost

    But the perfect MBA CPU are the 17watts Intel i5-2537M at 250$, the i7-2617M at 289$ and the I7-2657M at 317$. Way to much for a low cost MBA

    Samsung Macbook Air clone using an i5-2537M :

    1650$, ouch
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    macrulezmacrulez Posts: 2,455member
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    macrulezmacrulez Posts: 2,455member
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    macrulezmacrulez Posts: 2,455member
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 24,285member
    Originally Posted by MacRulez View Post

    Looks like we'll have to go with 8.5%, since Digler recently told us that Gartner's numbers can't be trusted:

    I thought I read here years ago that Apple was at 10% in the US, which would mean that even Gartner's "questionable" optimism about the Mac would mean growth is actually flat.

    Ah, the curious world of Apple Insider reporting....

    Interesting. Your post piqued my curiosity, so I searched for 2008 market share figures. In the process I found this article dated October of 2007, eerily close in both tone and percentages to the current discussion:

    It's almost as tho they recycled a four year old story, even pushing the idea of a "halo effect" from iPod and iPhone.
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    piotpiot Posts: 1,346member
    Originally Posted by Gatorguy View Post

    It's almost as tho they recycled a four year old story, even pushing the idea of a "halo effect" from iPod and iPhone.

    Yes the monotonous regularity of Mac sales outpacing the market can get pretty boring.
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 24,285member

    The more things change. . .
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