Greenpeace 'dirty data' report criticizes Apple's NC data center



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    Shh! No one tel Greenpeace about Apple?s production in China.


    Actually China is pushing for green power much harder then we are in the states. Since this was published a contract has surfaced for building a solar farm next to the data center. I wonder if Greenpeace actually tried to contact Apple about their plans for the site before publishing this?
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    Wow, a thread back from the dead!

    The who's pushing harder metric seems a bit contrived. How does one even measure that? Percentage of power generation by source? Tons of pollutants per person? Change in total pollution per year? Willingness to endure economic impact due to green power? Is damning of the Yangtze to be green? Grandstanding by government officials?

    ... i won't even hazard a guess about who is pushing harder for green power.
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