115% growth propels Apple to 5% share of global phone shipments



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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 20,618member
    But Apple does have over a 95% compliance rate with their non-disclosure policy.

    So at least their suppliers are good at keeping a secret. Going strictly from memory that policy has the highest compliance rate of any, assuming IIRC.

    Nearly all companies seem a bit too willing to overlook questionable employment policies when dealing with outside suppliers as long as the price is right IMO
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    asdasdasdasd Posts: 5,295member
    Originally Posted by MacRulez View Post

    Apple's Chinese workers treated 'inhumanely, like machines'

    Saturday 30 April 2011 21.30 BST

    Investigation finds evidence of draconian rules and excessive overtime to meet western demand for iPhones and iPads


    Foxcnn has also produced the Android or Windows machine you own All electronics is manufactured in or around China. Apple should sue - given the misleading headlines.
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    jeffdenverjeffdenver Posts: 108member

    One link goes to the Nexus S with capacitive screen. another goes to the white iPhone. The current LG Optimus models are also capacitive.

    I can confirm this. My brother just bought an Optimus V from Virgin Mobile, and it has a capacitive screen.

    It was actually much nicer than I was expecting...it is fast and responsive. Not bad for a "low end" phone at all. It has Froyo, and 512 megs of RAM and is slated to get Gingerbread too. I think it came with 8 gigs of SD storage expandable to 32 gigs.


    My original post that you seem to be convinced is wrong was that resistive screens are rare, and I can't think of any recent ones

    Yeah, there are almost no Android phones with Resistive screens. Android users hate them with a passion, and the manufacturers know this. I've never met a single person with an Android phone with a resistive screen...I only know they exist at all because of the internet.
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