Preliminary white iPhone 4 teardowns reveal modified lens, proximity sensor



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    Originally Posted by sflocal View Post

    With more important things to worry about in the world...

    Indeed! *sigh* I'm spending way too much time on AppleInsider.
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    Originally Posted by DaffyDuc View Post

    "Early comparisons of the white iPhone 4 have also revealed that the device is 0.2mm thicker than the black version."

    Please! Enough with the fake rumors!!! No difference in thickness!

    It is thicker. I was at the Apple Store yesterday and was talking with one of the Genius Bar staff. He's seen them in person and say it's every so slightly thicker.
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 18,020member
    Incidentally, I was at the store to have my black iPhone 4 replaced under warranty. The rear camera crapped out (technical term). Over the past week I started getting red and blue lines in the image, particularly in lower light. Then on Saturday, those lines filled the screen, along with random flashing. Front camera was OK. They swapped it out, no questions asked. New one is great and is running better than original. Calls are more clear and it seems more responsive. I even think the screen looks bette,r though perhaps mine had some micro-scratches.
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    Originally Posted by stokessd View Post

    Hopefully the new proximity sensor won't suck as bad as the ones in my (now second) iPhone4. It's so bad, that I have taken to using calllock so I don't mute, or cheek dial.


    I know this was supposed to have been a bug that had been fixed, but I have been having this problem since I bought the phone. People have hung up on me because they thought I had hung up on them or the call had been dropped but in all times, I've hit the mute button with my face. It is aggravating.
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    Originally Posted by GregoriusM View Post

    Not necessarily fruity. Reports have said the camera is inset more so that side may in fact be slightly thicker to accommodate.

    Actually from the photo (which is admittedly not that clear), it appears to me that all they've done with the "new" camera lens assembly is added/molded a piece on top of the "old" camera assembly. I'm guessing that this modified portion sits flush against the rear glass. This should help to block most of the light reflecting from the flash back towards the lens assembly - I've noticed this problem with the black iP4.
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    Toooooo much time spent on White iPhone 4 thickness........

    What about the White iPhone 4 camera, is it as good as the Black iPhone 4? I thought I saw something, somewhere that said 'White iPhone 4 camera took pictures like the camera was looking through cellophane'.

    Ok, White iPhone 4 owners. How's the camera compared to the Black iPhone 4?
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    josiahljosiahl Posts: 6member
    I wish ATT could manage to keep shipments on the way to the stores instead of making people wait weeks at a time.

    I swear they only sell a certain quantity then make everyone sweat cuz they cant get their hands on one. Then out of nowhere someone you know goes to the store and gets one and tells everyone they know then before you know it everyone they told is at the store hoping to get their hands on a white iphone 4 and they all do because its a sales plot from good old Steve! lol or maybe im just crazy
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