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    [quote]Originally posted by groverat:


    So instead of dealing with the rebuttal to your silly generalization you counter with yet another silly generalization?

    I think it's safe to say you have more than a few hostility issues with women.</strong><hr></blockquote>


    [quote] There are many characteristics that both males and females value in a potential mate. Kindness, understanding and intelligence topped a recent list (Kenrick & Simpson, 1997). Humans also have gender specific criteria for sexual selection. In a study of 37 cultures on six continents and five islands, Buss (1989) found that women value prospective male suitors on a cluster of characteristics related to resource potential: good financial prospects, ambition, industriousness, older age, and emotional maturity. On the other hand, men value potential female partners in terms of fecundity, the ability to produce and care for children. This is expressed in a preference for youth and physical attractiveness (Tesser & Martin, 1996). Cunningham (1986) found that "baby face" features, i.e. large eyes and a small nose, were consistently positively correlated with attractiveness in women, perceived fertility, and perceptions of few medical problems.

    A female's choice of mates is generally more important than the male's choice in driving sexual dimorphism within a species (Kendrick, Trost, & Sheets, 1996). Since women have to make a greater obligatory investment in offspring though gestation and infant care, they are more choosy about whom they are going to mate with (Buss & Malamuth, 1996). This universal preference has selected for men who are able to provide for potential offspring through the resources they are able to devote. Men then have to be more competitive with each other for access to women. This has created a strong demand for men who are able to provide valuable resources, resulting in the characteristics of assertiveness, aggressiveness, and sensitivity to hierarchy found in men.<hr></blockquote>

    Yeah, I'm just pulling it out my butt...

    I'll tell you what... take your significant other, tell her that on a dark night while taking a walk that she should be the disposible one and protect you.... I'm sure she will think that someone has issues and it won't be me. Of course there are exceptions, but most men are expected to be protectors, providers, and pursuers for women.

    Lastly (and to refocuse) I said my experience was anecdotal and asked for other experiences/opinions with the following questions....please feel free to answer with your information/experiences.

    What common trends do you notice among woman who still dress sexy after they are married?

    Do you think other cultures treasure the feminine part of females more than the U.S.?

    Has feminism and sexual harassment taken the joy out of the flirting and fun between men and women, especially married men and women?


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