NPD: iPad cannibalization of PC market has slowed



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    Originally Posted by island hermit View Post

    This is what happens when people use year old data... iPad just out of the gate... Yahoo users only... and then think they actually know something.

    Read the Neilsen data... 50% make $75,000 or more... hmmmmm.... now who would those other 40-45% be... could they be people who earn less than $75,000. So who is the iPad geared for... those who earn less than $75,000 or those who earn more... hmmmmm...

    The wealthy are always first out of the gate and tend to be early adopters... It's obvious to me that there wasn't one specific group targeted because now, a year later (get ready for anecdotal evidence), I see a lot of people who clearly make under $40,000 a year buying an iPad.

    Teens might buy more iPads if Flash was installed (this isn't a case for Flash) because a few of the teen and tweener specific sites are Flash based (please don't ask me to name any... I'd have to go borrow my niece's pink netbook for the names).

    Wow, who needs polls when we've got island hermit and his special "people who make under $40,000 a year (and didn't get their iPads as gifts from their parents)" vision.

    Nielsen and Gallup can go ahead and fire all of their pollsters, and replace them with island hermit and his amazing powers of observation that trump everything on the internets.
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