Purported 'iPhone 5' part again shows separated camera lens and flash



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    Nope, no death grip. And this is only in my house. If I'm at work or mostly anywhere else the phone works fine. I think it only has this problem in low signal areas, like my house.....except that neither my original iPhone, nor my 3GS had a problem at my house. This is what makes me think it is the design, not the individual phone itself.

    I've never returned anything to Apple before, do you really think they'll replace it (I bought it in December) if I take it in and it works perfectly, reception-wise, in the store? (honest question)

    I never used a death grip either, most of the time I wasn't even holding the iPhone 4 but it still managed to drop most calls.

    The talk had just started about the iPhone 4 antenna/reception/dropped call problems when I got my own iPhone 4. My thoughts were that Apple wouldn't release a phone that has 'that big of a problem'. I WAS WRONG!!! I got tired of people asking me 'What's wrong with your phone?' (after so many calls woud drop). I returned it.

    I never had ANY problems with my iPhone 3G or my iPhone 3GS (I'm still using it today).
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    Originally Posted by thompr View Post

    Since most of what you say here is a matter of opinion, I'll register mine: I disagree with you on every point. Every single point.


    Well, you're entitled to your opinion too.

    For the record, and as other posts here attest, the antenna issue is real for some people. Though it is not an issue for me, I could not ignore the weight of evidence that suggests it is a genuine concern. I don't think Apple handled the problem very well and issuing free bumpers without admitting anything or providing any kind of hardware/ software fix left me confused. As I said, it has created a perception well covered by the media that Apple's iPhone isn't as good as it should be. (I understand that the guy at Apple responsible for developing the IPhone 4's antenna was fired, but don't know if this is true.) When you're paying top dollar for a phone, it needs to be bulletproof.

    Secondly, the glass IS fragile both front and back. This concern has also been well documented. The edges aren't protected in any way. I think this objectively makes it a less robust design than the previous iPhone 3GS. It might also interest you to know that the IPhone 3GS is still selling incredibly well, although this may be due to price as much as physical design.

    I am not asking for a fatter iPhone. I am happy enough with the thickness of the present one, but I do want is longer battery life. Some of the older Nokia phones could go for 3 days without needing to be recharged. Sure the iPhone does much more, but simply the need for longer battery life trumps further thinness as far as i'm concerned.

    You may be happy with a small screen, but that's probably because you're a skinny teenager with rather than a 40-something guy with fading eyesight. Maybe 5" would be too big, but 4"-4.5" would be a welcome step up and extend the phone's appeal.

    Finally, if you don't agree with my thoughts, suggest something better rather than disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing.
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    Well said, Tailpipe........................Thanks!
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