SEC probing Apple over $1 million purchasing scandal



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    Originally Posted by magicj View Post

    You can't understand the article because the actual events have been highly edited to make it appear Apple did nothing wrong. Key details missing from this AI article include:

    ● Apple had links to Cloverleaf

    ● Apple made a large number of additional purchases on behalf of the SEC. These purchases were done without going through the usual approval process.

    I think, at this point, the AI bloggers are qualified for a job with The Huffington Post.

    And you know this how?
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    I think I saw the same thing in two different articles. One was at Reuters and the other was MacRumors (I think).
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    Did no one at the SEC watch "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"? Cloverleaf Industries was the name of the front company used by the villain buying up properties and business to profit from freeways.

    Also, I wonder about Mr. Kotz's contention that cheaper products were available when another poster points out that, unlike home solutions, the commercial ones can be very use specific.
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