Wireless carriers reportedly surprised by Apple's iMessage feature



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    Originally Posted by noirdesir View Post

    You said there is an inherent difference between the 'texting tools' I mentioned (e-mail, MSN, Skype, Twitter) and iMessage. But your first mentioned 'difference' here and in your first post is money, which is exactly not a difference between 'traditional' texting tools and iMessage as they are all free.

    And as I said later in the paragraph, none are integrated into the legacy SMS system. As iOS users grow, your immediate circle of friends will be able to receive fewer SMS and more iMessages until you finally have no need for SMS at all. Then everyone drops their texting plans.
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    I would image that most iPhone users also know other such users will find their SMS usage drop dramatically with the way iMessage will work.
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    Originally Posted by dasanman69 View Post

    Really? What idea is 5-10 yrs ahead? All I saw yesterday was a bunch of features that already existed in one shape or another implemented nicely by Apple but nothing really innovative nor ground breaking.

    You kinda remind me of a guy who's article I read on ZDnet today. Sore loser and was just bashing Apple and everything just released. No... it's not an iPad or an iPod.... but it's the simplicity of bringing it all together so seamlessly. Something I can't say the same for with Windblows 7. I've managed not to have to touch a PC for almost 5 years now.... and OMG. The stupidity that is Windows 7 is an endless headache.

    So ya gonna synch your Zune with the MS cloud and your PC? Ops... didn't they stop making the Zune... the iPod killer?

    What's so "great" about it.... is that it will enable all my devices to work together without me having to mess with them. And guess what? That saves me tons of time. Not like the insanity of trying to make sure an HP laptop running win 7 was actually up to date... or if it wasn't?.... or if this software I had never heard of before was actually something to check the versions of things... or if it was a virus.... and then trying to install another application while dealing with the endless.... and I mean freaking endless stupid pop up windows that come from everywhere and anything ... for God only knows what.

    Back when I was stuck using a PC... there were times where I actually hoped I'd get within arms reach of Gates or Ballmer so I could punch them in the nose. Literally... the tens of thousands of dollars in my wasted time messing with their crappy software is an insult to humanity. Their products have always sucked and still do I've now found out. With my Macs.... uh... they work and don't waste my time. What Jobs and Company have done is just take it all a step further. And like I didn't appreciate the iPad nearly as much before getting one... I'm sure I can't do true justice to the benefits all these tweaks make across the board until I've made the updates.

    Which I can't wait to do.
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    Originally Posted by cloudgazer View Post

    People seem to be missing the point here. The benefit of iMessage isn't primarily that you eliminate the small charge for sending an SMS between iPhones - though that is a benefit.

    A bigger deal is that iPads and iPods that don't have SMS are supported as both senders and receivers, out of the box, with no fuss or 3rd party apps required.

    Also there's additional convenience because you will be able to communicate with any iOS device globally, irrespective of carrier agreements.

    Duly noted..... and I hadn't thought about the text on iPad.... will be very very cool....
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