My new baby!



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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    der Kopf I agree. Maybe he's too fat to walk?

    I bike. It kicks ass. And I go on trails even Jeeps can't. Without flattening everything.

    Yea we're playing Devil's Advocate. Someone has to! I just got out of poli sci, I'm reminding myself of my TA!
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    willoughbywilloughby Posts: 1,457member
    Some of us live far enough away from our jobs and public transportation that we have no choice but to drive.

    What we drive is another story.

    If VW made one of those hybrid cars, I'd buy one, but right now its all gasoline for me
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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    I bike a recumbent, if that helps?
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    [quote]Originally posted by Defiant:

    <strong>I bike a recumbent, if that helps? </strong><hr></blockquote>

    Defiant, even if you drove an 18-wheel truck to work, just for the heck of it, you are above reproach in my book
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    guarthoguartho Posts: 1,208member
    [quote]Originally posted by Bodhi:

    <strong>Yes I will be off roading, I live in California!</strong><hr></blockquote>

    YAY!... The only SUV people that annoy me are the ones with really kewl toys like yours who never play with them! The Jeep and 4X4s in general are suppose to be all about fun (except of course for those who need them for their jobs like park rangers and such)

    My girlfriend's parents just got a Wrangler to play with out in the sticks so maybe I'll be less jealous soon. Still... nothing beats a Willy's or a good ole CJ in my book.

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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    However, while out in the bush, watch out for large animals
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