Briefly: Mac OS X 10.6.8 build; Spotify near US launch; iTunes video market share



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    OK, you got me there.

    Originally Posted by Joseph L View Post

    Steve comes up with original stuff year in and year out. Haven't you noticed?

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    LOL. I show you the law, which is clear on its face. Namely, you can make copies provided they are not for commercial use. I tell you a tax covers your copying. I provide you multiple sources where you can start to do the research. In return, you make statements without anything to back your views up.

    Generally I charge hourly, however, I'll do you a kindness and make another attempt to point you in the correct direction because I hate the RIAA (even though you arguably don't deserve to learn because you are willing to insult somebody without clear knowledge on the topic you are writing about).

    First, check out this link talking about Jessica Litman. Then let us check out this link providing information on the University of Michigan Law School.

    From these two links you should be able to discern 1) Jessica Litman is an expert in copyright law and knows more on the topic then either you or I, and 2) the University of Michigan Law School is one of the top fifteen law Schools in the Country and probably doesn't hire people who are dishonest with it's students. Take a second to ponder, do you have your own wikipedia entry claiming you are a copyright expert that has testified to Congress on the topic and was present in Washington when the applicable legislation was drafted and thereby understands the intent? Probably not. How many books have you drafted on topic? I am guessing none.

    When you are done reflecting on these matters, take a walk over to this link.

    If your brain can handle all this new found knowledge, check out the portions of the article where footnote 115 through 117 are inserted. It states, "Consumers already have a privilege to make non-commercial digital copies of musical recordings,[115] and the right to distribute those copies to members of the public.[116] Consumers, moreover, already pay a levy intended to compensate composers, musicians and record companies for the sales lost through private consumer copying.[117]."

    In short, I am not spouting uneducated nonsense like you, but I am reciting the view of one of the most highly regarded copyright experts in the Country (many hold the view, but I am not going to spend all night doing the work for you). Further, the legislative history supports this view and the statute is clear on its face (maybe you got that the first time).

    So in kind, I hope you are not an IP lawyer. You certainly wouldn't be mine.


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    i sure hope you aren't an IP lawyer cause you are wrong on both accounts.

    Said law allows you to make a copy of something you have bought for your own use. Period. You can't make copies for friends, copy from the library etc. And if you sell or give away the original CD, you are legally supposed to destroy your digital copies.

    Not that this stops anyone but it is by law not okay .

    That kind of stuff is a logistics nightmare. Not to mention a PR one.

    But Apple is making something of an effort by charging for the whole iTunes Match. That money is going back to the labels etc. While it isn't likely to ever be the total amount of money lost at least it is something.

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    Originally Posted by BuffyzDead View Post

    I have the original Intel iMac Core Duo, which is officially NOT supported under Lion.

    Are you sure because I found this statement on Apples website, which seems to say that an iMac core duo will run Lion.

    "Your Mac must have an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor to run Lion."
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