HTC chief downplays Apple patent case with ITC, calls it a 'distraction'



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    YMMV but I can't see how a company whose majority revenue is derived from products that utilizes technology patented by said company could get a reputation as a patent troll for simply protecting their IP (developed or purchased). IMO, a patent troll is a company whose main source of revenue is derived from patent lawsuits and not actual products. Apple does not fall into that category.

    Enter Microsoft
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    No, Apple puts piss all into research. Any money they invest under the guise of R&D is product development. They patent their products to protect them.

    Patent is the wrong mechanism for this, rationally. It should be trademark/trade dress.

    Apple runs the risk of pushing patent issues to the center stage politically if they start winning significant lawsuits (against US companies). Patent reform would not favor them.

    Oh clueless wonder. Apple puts significant amounts of money and energy into R&D. Just because they don't spend as much as MSFT doesn't mean anything. Apple just happens to be much more efficient and focused than those floating turds. And as to your ridiculous comment about "apple runs the risk of pushing patent issues to center stage", you must be kidding. Apple is now the most sued company on the planet. Patent reform would clearly benefit them as patent reform would be aimed squarely at the trolls.
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