Apple seen merging iOS, Mac OS X with custom A6 chip in 2012



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    Thanks for the heads up. I thought CMD + left click triggered a menu that displayed previous versions of the document vs the path. I'll have double check on that, maybe its a preference somewhere. At least that was the case when I briefly tried Lion.

    Originally Posted by Tails View Post

    Duplicate functions as "save as". It's exactly the same thing. Command+left click shows the path on title bar, as was in SL.

    Mission Control is not a memory hog because it's an app which only launches when you launch it and then shuts down. You are not forced to use spaces unless you use full screen apps, so that part is exactly the same as SL.

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    Perhaps ARM will be used as co-processor of sorts. For example in an iOS mode where you don't want to completely boot to OS X. That could be interesting.

    If Apple were to go all ARM I don't think it would be an island. They could use Intel for the Mac Pro, and MacBook Pro. While the Air, Mini and iMac get the ARM treatment. There's also rumors of a Windows ARM version so that could help with users that still "need" Windows.

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    I don't see an Arm proc in the macbook air's future especially after the latest round of performance boosts by the Quad Core i7 & i5. But what I do suspect will happen is an intel version of iOS will come along maybe replacing dashboard in the MacOS giving a user a quick way to transition from a traditional mac notebook to an on the go tablet with access to all the same software and files just a different UI.

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    I think the whole idea behind it - is to be able to run same Mac applications on both platforms that exist today - OS X and iOS.

    I totally see myself having, let's say, future 16-core iPhone. It needs no more than 2 cores to run in the phone mode. But when I came home and plugged it into a dock connected to a 27" monitor and external power supply (so it can use all it's processing cores), I will be able run let's say Final Draft, desk top versions of Safari, iTunes and Photo Shop.

    Dock can be shaped as laptop with 13"screen, full keyboard and possibility to use my iPhone as a touch pad.

    And I do believe that progress is moving in direction of having computer in your jeans pocket.
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    Seriously, how can some people make silly predictions like this and get coverage by sites such as this one. The speculations are silly, as previous people have pointed out, the commitment apple has to the Intel platform is obvious. A move to an Arm platform would hit the market like a return to PPC architecture. Apple couldn't be that stupid.

    And besides, his prediction of a merged operating system, what does he think iOS is ? It's OS X by the way, the same basic kernel and other requirements come the same code core as OS X.

    Most people know this so my point is no so much the pronouncement of ignorant twerps, rather that this guy got coverage at all. Please scrutinize your articles a bit better please, this is a great site and its a pity that time is given to such rubbish.
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    Originally Posted by charles.mckinlay View Post

    Seriously, how can some people make silly predictions like this and get coverage by sites such as this one.

    When "analysts" speak, you listen. And pay them. That's just the way of things.
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    ))))))) "Analysts" !!! Could you please stop these stupid predictions. Please open your mouth when you know about something. Guys (analysts) apparently you even don't know what are computers when we hear this shallow, stupid predictions from you. If they merge the two OS how could we developers develop apps? On a lightweight OS like iOS? How could people use specific programs which are used in different majors and they can not be run on a closed lightweight OS like iOS? There are many many applications that simply does not fit in iOS. Do you think that Apple simply kills all of the programing languages on OS X like Java, Ruby, Python?? Do you know how many developers are working on OS X and not using Obj-C ??? Do you know what does it mean having a platform on which you can develop softwares?? It means an open platform where you can interact with every corner of your OS/App/Files... having console etc. etc. Is it possible on a closed non-productive platform like iOS?? Do you know what are the uses of OS X and iOS. iOS is a consuming platform and OS X is a productive platform. They ship nearly 3.5 million Macs every quarter. Do you seriously think that everybody gives 2000$ 3000$ to buy a Mac running iOS ??? ))))
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