Apple granted patents for visual voicemail, touch screen technologies



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    I can get around that by having the messages emailed to myself ...

    Presumably, you could also get around it by designing it to work differently than what was described in Apple's patent.

    For example, looking only at claim 1 for the time being, the set of available voicemail messages could be presented in some format that does not constitute a "list". A grid view comes to mind, which, once you tap the icon, displays full "sender" data in a separate view.

    Another way to escape claim 1 of the patent would be to get rid of the progress bar used to fast-forward and rewind an individual message.

    Or maintain the progress bar, but make it nonresponsive to touches -- ie, a display-only widget.

    Or even, in all probability, you could keep on using the the progress bar, and keep on using it to fast forward and rewind a message, but get rid of the ability to continue tracking the user's finger's progress if it ever slips outside the confines of the bar's physical dimensions.

    Continue this process of small refinements for each of the remaining claims.

    Of course you'd only need to worry about making refinements to avoid the broad claims, eg. claims 1, 7, 13, and 19. Once you've done that, the remaining claims (which are all conditional upon being applied to the devices described in claims 1, 7, 13, and 19) are already out of the picture.


    By the way, since this is being displayed in a public forum, could this be considered "prior art" for the purposes of making it impossible for any future patents to be filed based upon the refinements I've proposed above?

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    philboogiephilboogie Posts: 7,438member
    Freakin' KPN here in The Netherlands doesn't support VV. I wish Apple would make it a selling point and make it mandatory for their iPhone operators.

    KPN can suck it after my contract is up; I'll go straight back to T-Mobile. With a mere ? 10 / month for unlimited data that's a better deal anyway.
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