Rumor: Apple may hold iPod media event on Sept. 8



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    Originally Posted by cnocbui View Post

    Please explain the advantages of 24 bit audio, apart from a pointlessly low noise floor.

    Yes the dynamic range is higher than the DAC can probably manage, and certainly higher than the ear can hear - but 16 bit is lower than either, so 24 bit isn't pointlessly high.

    Mostly I think it would be interesting because it would show that Apple was interested in taking digital audio to the next level. With the effective failure of Super Audio CD and friends, Apple is really the only firm that can bring higher quality audio formats to the mass market.
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    Originally Posted by newbee View Post

    ... Yes! ...

    Really? Excited about a new iPod I can understand, but excited over yet another unsubstantiated rumor about a fake event? I doubt it.
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