Motorola to take another stab at Apple's iPad with new 7-inch tablet



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    nagrommenagromme Posts: 2,834member
    I hope Samsung doesn’t see that—they’ll be horrified to be reminded that Apple’s iPad styling isn’t the only possible way to design a tablet!

    As a user, I want one of every tablet size from 2” to 30”. The ideal mini-tablet is more pocketable, and Apple already makes that, but an in-between size? Sure, why not.

    As a developer, UI size matters, and I don’t want the fragmentation!.
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    Originally Posted by nagromme View Post

    As a user, I want one of every tablet size from 2? to 30?.

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    7" tablets are sooooo small (and the iPad isn't really that big in the first place...)

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    Originally Posted by island hermit View Post

    Shit, meet Wall.

    More like "Shit, meet Fan" is probably more appropriate.
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    But why? Honestly, everyone in mother is building tablet this days and they come in various size, but no one is successful. Some of the vendors have products out there just because they can and they have no issue to be put in "Other Android Tablet" category.

    Yes, I want to see a solid iPad/iPad 2 competitor. Just so that it will push Apple to continue innovation and give me iPad 2000 with better feature and cheaper price. One request to this guys though - Please don't get into this 7-inch form factor - It just doesn't work!
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    Originally Posted by lamewing View Post

    And NO, the iOS devices cannot do this. There is a Chinese handwriting input system that sort of works, but no very well at all.:

    Wow, really, I would have thought that Apple had both these bases (japanese and chinese character input) covered. Its a natural. Don't have any first hand experience though ... anyone else know whats out there for japanese character recognition using a touchscreen?
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    Originally Posted by battiato1981 View Post

    Wow, really, I would have thought that Apple had both these bases (japanese and chinese character input) covered. Its a natural. Don't have any first hand experience though ... anyone else know whats out there for japanese character recognition using a touchscreen?

    Kanji are Chinese characters, so when he says "Chinese input", he means both.
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    Following up to the Xoom, which failed to make a a splash after the release of Apple's iPad 2, Motorola is now expected to release another tablet by the end of this year, this time with a smaller 7-inch form factor.

    Never happen...

    The 9.5 x 7.3” iPad is the "sweet spot" form factor size. Not a complaint, but an observation, I often have to "un-pinch" to zoom on websites, because many controls are too small for an average-size finger and the standard circumference of a touch "zone" (the reason why iPad styluses are chubby at their "point.")

    I even have to zoom out to "touch" a new page number or touch ">" in this very forum.

    I especially have to zoom when composing a post using the markup controls that are shown above. (Too easy to accidentally touch I when you meant to touch B, or "Underline" when you meant to touch I.)

    I know Apple would very much like to endow the iPad with a Retina Display, but I'm torn between wanting this and wanting a larger screen (possible with a thinner bezel, NOT an increase in the size of the device itself). I DEMAND A LARGER SCREEN AND A RETINA DISPLAY! (j/k).

    As Steve Jobs so accurately (no surprise ) said about 99¢ being the "sweet spot" for tracks on iTunes, the dimensions of the iPad are at a "sweet spot" of their own.

    Not unlike the Goldilocks tale, it's juuuuuuuuuuuuust right. (I may be alone in this, but I don't need the iPad to be any thinner or lighter — especially if doing so comes at the expense of technology, power and battery life.)

    People might initially consider a 7" Tablet more easily transportable, but when that feeling wears off, they'll undoubtedly have difficulty navigating the GUI of a device with such a small screen.

    This in turn will prompt owners to use the 7" device more as a content consumption device and less as a content creation device. The ideally sized iPad suits both uses.

    If it true that it will have a micro-USB port and micro-HDMI port, this physical "tethering" ability is nice in a sense, but goes against the grain of a "mobile" and (supposedly) wireless device.

    It also does not provide motivation or incentive for consumers to appreciate the benefits of "wireless," overcome their deep-seated, longtime, "wired" way of doing things, and adopt it. Connection ports on a wireless, mobile device doesn't serve to "wean the baby off the pacifier." But only Apple seems to care about consumers' best interests for the future; everyone else only cares about getting their product to the cash register — and ceases caring immediately after the bellwether "cha-ching" sound. Apple has a long- term purpose for certain technology decisions — call it "vision" — something everyone else seems to lack or care at all about.

    I wirelessly stream movies, online videos, TV shows, music, music videos and video games! to my 55" LED/LCD HDTV, and also stream music to stereo players.

    I wirelessly send files back-and-forth between my Mac or other devices. I print wirelessly (including photos, and directly to the printer — no Mac acting as "middleman"), and wirelessly transmit geotagged photos from my digital camera, fortified with a Class 6 Eye-Fi 802.11n 8GB memory card, to my iPad (and, if needed, wirelessly from my iPad to my Mac).

    It's also a blast to wirelessly access, view live, and control your Mac (or PC) on an iPad (even when far from home; and if you find your Mac is asleep, you can wake it up if you set it to wake upon network activity).

    All this "wireless-ness" makes the iPad seem "magical," when the only time it needs to be tethered to something is when it's recharging its battery.

    Going far out on a limb here, I predict the 7" will be Y.A. flop. Apple really is "iPod-ing the Tablet market," as its fretful competitors put it.

    It's SO logical: Motorola's 10.1" Tablet flopped, so the obvious answer is to market a 7" Tablet.
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    I'd love a decent 7" tablet, if it's $175. I disagree with the arguments that between the iPod Touch and iPad there is no adult niche. I have my iPod Touch on me all the time, and for 30% of what I use it for I wish it was a tad bigger. Still never went for an iPad because of the expense and heft given how close the profile is to the smallest laptop at my disposal (13" MBP) and personally my hoping the decent cheap 7" appears has been trumping buying current model and priced iPads.
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    Originally Posted by Jonamac View Post

    These are both reasonable responses but neither constitute a large market.

    If Apple released a 7" iPod Touch, it would cost more than it does now. I can't help but feel that the huge majority of people would simply buy the larger iPad if accessibility was the issue.

    Never stated that I thought it was a large market, or that Apple should release it. Simply stated why I 'd like one if it came out.

    And, while I wouldn't pay $500 CDN for a PlayBook, I would pay that for a 7inch 64GB+ iPod Touch. Main reason being my substantial collection of paid iPod Touch / iPhone apps.

    What I would prefer to see would be a 3G iPod Touch since my provider won't sell me a data only plan for an iPhone.
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    Originally Posted by Suddenly Newton View Post

    "But Apple needs competition" rehash from a fandroid in 3,2,1...

    Yeah, Apple needs the competition... Pffft. As if some $250 Amazon, almost-Android tablet is going to offer the iPad some competition. Apple is already so far ahead of the curve it's already halfway around the Sun and the other tablets (Android, WebOS, RIM QNX, etc.) haven't even broken Earth's orbit. Apple basically redefined the tablet market while the rest of the computer industry was christening Windows netbooks as the mobile device leader for the next few years. Same with the MacBook Air. Everyone was laughing about Apple leaving out an optical drive, half the ports and pushing solid state drives just to get long battery life and now every company is chasing after Apple with the exact same thing. What does Apple need to competition for? To make Apple device copies and then try to sell it for less money.

    At this point in time, Apple definitely does not need competition. Apple merely needs more factories to produce more Apple products to keep up with consumer demand. That's all.
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    Originally Posted by lamewing View Post

    I am not an Apple fanboy. In fact I am rather critical of Apple most of the time, but I use their products because they are the best choice for me. Now that I have that out of the way, I feel that this Motorola tablet is:

    DOOMED...Doomed I say!!!

    I cannot see buying anything but an iPad right now if I really wanted a slate type device. In the future I likely will buy a Windows 8 slate because it supports Handwriting Recognition, which is important for input of Japanese kanji. VERY IMPORTANT if you need to input the kanji to look up the meaning but don't have a clue how to pronounce it.

    And NO, the iOS devices cannot do this. There is a Chinese handwriting input system that sort of works, but no very well at all.

    Come on MS get to it. We need at least two competitors to help improve the market with competition ... and we need to completely exterminate Android!!!!

    Did you now know that Microsoft has been selling tablet versions of Windows with handwriting recognition since the early 1990s? They've been at it longer than EVERYONE. And it runs Office! And it has a Japanese recognizer.

    What are you waiting for? Go out and buy a Windows tablet already. Or, you can sit around troll about how disappointed you are in Apple and Motorola. What's it going to be?

    Huh... I thought so.
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    Originally Posted by res08hao View Post

    If they price it at $99, it won't matter what POS they release.

    Tell that to the people who bought the Maylong Android tablet. It still matters.
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,523member
    Originally Posted by island hermit View Post

    There's only 2 Moto pads for every iPad at Motorola.

    They make iPad stands out of them.
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,523member
    Originally Posted by Michael Scrip View Post

    7" tablets are sooooo small (and the iPad isn't really that big in the first place...)

    That's true, I even suspect we will have the option of larger iPads one day.
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    Non Apple tablet manufacturers are about to get their ass handed to them by Amazon.

    The only non Apple tablet I have is a rooted and heavily modified nook color I paid $150 for.

    Here's the other thing about 7" tablets, they don't fit anything except a purse, a jacket or cargo pants. I've dropped my nook color more than any single device I've owned because I don't carry a purse, wear a jacket or have cargo pants on. So it stays at home, at home I have an iPad that does everything better than my color nook with Cyanogen's version of Android on it.

    Why in the heck would I carry a 7" tablet if I have a 4-5" smartphone?

    The 7" form factor is near useless, to big to carry easily, too small to do much on, just to small to be very touch friendly and productive with.

    I'll buy an Amazon 7" tablet just to root and put a custom rom on for something to do, but in the end, I use my iPad for nearly everything.
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    There are those who can and those who can't. Only the ones who can are gonna come out above it all.
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    The moment I saw the headline I knew who wrote the article.... oh wait! Never mind. It isn't DED.
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    Now that the Motorola brain slug has attached itself firmly to Google, let it suck (hah, pun unintended) away...
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    Originally Posted by chronster View Post

    Let me fix that for you: Motorola to take another stab at the tablet market with new 7-inch tablet ...iPad is cool, but not the only thing Motorola will have to contend with. Oh wait, this is AI, in your world it really is

    It doesn't matter who Moto thinks their competition is, they're just stabbing in the dark.
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