Facebook for iPad app may launch at Apple?s Oct. iPhone 5 event ? report



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    Originally Posted by Robodude View Post

    The site sucks as do the attempts at making FB apps so far. Looking forward to the 4th.

    Yes and regarding the FB apps. I don't understand why they don't work on iPhone. I makes no sense. You spend all this time and money on development and no one on an iPhone can see it. Stupid.
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    Originally Posted by al_bundy View Post

    i remember when Joe Hewitt first wrote that app and it took like 3 weeks to get approved and everyone was saying how cool it was and how an awesome programmer he was

    iPhone user design has changed a lot since then. It was a really good app for its time (and one of the first apps from a major player).
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    Originally Posted by jawporta View Post

    Why do you need and iPad app when the iPad screen is just as big as most websites? Stupid article.

    Because it will be more optimized for a touch interface?

    Even though the iPad screen is the same size, the links, and buttons on FB are still designed for mouse usage, which is not as efficient for touch usage as an app designed with that purpose is.
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    I'm reading a lot of "Meh" here. Is it because people are non-plussed with the app, or just getting tired of Facebook and/or their antics in general?
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    Originally Posted by tonton View Post

    Facebook just fucked themselves when they screwed up the privacy settings. You can't block certain people from profile photos or photos other people tag of you any more. Fail. I know more tthan one person who intends to delete their account because of this change.

    Yeah, they sure did.

    Just like everyone said they did when their membership was at 50M.

    And again at 100M.

    And again at 250M.

    And now at nearly 1B.

    Why do we, .... eh, they keep fXXXing themselves like this?
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 24,354member
    Interestingly a report out today indicates that Facebook may be following you around the web even when logged out.

    An explanation of the patent app here:

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