Apple updates iPod nano with improved interface, expanded fitness features



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    Originally Posted by _Rick_V_ View Post

    Really? You do realize that it's a one inch screen right? This is a tiny (bordering on too small) device that's dedicated to basically do one thing--music. Watching a movie on a one inch screen? Trying to view a calendar? Your post implies you don't have one. All those features are for the iPhone/iPod Touch. I'm glad Apple still offers iPods, as I don't like to exercise with my iPhone (too big, bulky, heavy).

    Meanwhile, this is an AWESOME update, and so glad Apple let us existing owner update! This update allows you to turn off icons (app?) I don't use (like Photos, Podcasts, audiobooks, clock). My home screen is now down to four icons I use, totally totally awesome!

    And the second feature they ADDED was that a double-click of the sleep/wake button is configurable to play/pause, a feature that was sorely lacking before.

    I dare say, I think the Nano is now perfected.

    Well, they could add a cellular radio and front facing camera...

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    Originally Posted by anonymouse View Post

    Well, they could add a cellular radio and front facing camera?

    Speaking of which, what happened to those back-facing camera prototypes? Did Apple just realize that, with the number of people using it as watches, putting a camcorder on the back wasn't the way to go?
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