Apple unveils iPhone 4S with A5 CPU and 4G-like data speeds



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    A bigger screen doesn't necessarily mean larger clearer text. In fact if the resolution is not increased with the screen size, the text will actually be fuzzier.

    Originally Posted by NelsonX View Post

    Listen, I NEED at least a 4 inch screen! My eyes need a bigger screen! Almost all other phones have a bigger screen. I like the Apple ecosystem, I like Siri, I like iCloud, but if the next iPhone will not have at least a 4 inch screen (preferably 4.5 for me), I WILL LEAVE! I will probably buy a future Windows Phone 8 as I don't like the Android mess. For now, I'm sticking with my iPhone 4, but next year...

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    Originally Posted by mdriftmeyer View Post

    Horse crap. People find reading better with higher pixel density. You can have the largest screen in the world, but with low pixel density you won't be making out the on-screen objects that well.

    Whine somewhere else.

    I'm glad I waited for this phone.

    Believe what you want. I think most people will agree with me that bigger screens make a difference. That's the reason people sometimes find it easier to read by simply setting the font size larger on their computers. If you can set aside fanboy pride, we aren't talking huge drops in pixel density either. Go look at pixel density for some of the larger Androids that have recently launched. You'll be surprised. In any event, your wounded fanboy pride aside, the implication behind my comment was that they maintain pixel density while increasing screen size.
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    First, kudos to Apple for being honest with the name of the phone. It's really just a little bump on a few specs -- not an improvement in 98 percent of the features, like some posters laughably claim. All it is is a speed bump and a nicer camera. Both nice.

    It is dishonest to say Siri is an iPhone 4S feature. They literally yanked it out of the app store and made it so that it only runs on the 4S. That's lame, Apple.

    Here's my main point of disappointment, though. People who buy this phone are going to get screwed when iPhone 5 comes out with a larger screen and improved form factor for the same price -- in less than a year most likely. Everyone who got the iPhone 4 will have their contracts expiring, and they'll get to upgrade to the better phone. Those of us whose contracts are expiring now will be stuck another year with the crappy small screens.

    I stretched the life of my original Droid to get the new iPhone, but now that it still has the smallest smartphone screen out there, I can't pull the trigger. I'm going to have to wait until the Nexus Prime and others come out later this year.

    As an aside, I also love how some people claim that multiple screen resolutions will make things difficult for Apple and iOS app developers. Well, I guess that means the folks at Google and Android's app developers are just way smarter? Huh.
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    Originally Posted by alienzed View Post

    What would you rather have, a corvette with a Corolla engine or a Corolla with a corvette engine?

    Makes ya think...

    Not really making me think anything except what a stupid analogy. So based on your previous post, you're saying the iPhone is overpowered and the body was more important thing to change?

    NOT changing the body is the best move Apple could make. Production lines are expensive and time consuming to build out. With the lines built and all of the kinks worked out they were able to focus on the guts and the software more and NOT waste their heavy investment int he production lines. C'mon. If guys like you only ran Apple, Right?
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    Honestly the reason people are getting so worked up about this is because apple has become so big. They are in the spotlight more so than when they announced the 3GS. As I was reading the updates I was originally very disappointed with the upgrades for the new iPhone. Partly because of the rumors and I was really looking forward to something completely new. As a teenager I was quick to judge the 4S and throw it out the window as I feel most of the people complaining are. But when you actually look at it, this is a great upgrade and worthy of apples standards. However I feel my generation will still be unhappy simply because it looks the same which is a real shame.
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    Originally Posted by Prof. Peabody View Post

    It is a great upgrade on paper, which is why I can't understand the colossal mistake of calling it the "iPhone 4S" which just makes it sound like crap and like it *isn't* a whole new phone when in fact it kind of is.

    it packs a lot more stuff into the same casing. Most of it related to speed. I think deems the iPhone 4S name quite easily.

    I think if they called it iPhone 5 and people say it looked the same as the iPhone 4 they might be thinking Apple is pulling a fast one on them. And then when they do upgrade to an iPhone with a new number the customer might be weary that it really will be a big enough to really qualify as a whole new version.

    I think this is for the best and what I predicted if they were going to upgrade the internals of the iPhone 4 casing.

    If anything bothers me is that the iPod Touch doesn't appear to be getting an A5 performance bump.
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    Funny thing (to me) is... if they increased the screen size by only 1mm, changed the back color, and named it the 5 not 4S - half these complaints wouldn't be here. Its all in the name... folks see an "S" instead of a "5" and they instantly think "booooringgg!" even if today they named it 5 and had similar hardware.
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    Originally Posted by Dick Applebaum View Post

    I think that the requirement to run Siri well is based on the higher performance CPU and GPU cores. Siri is a form of artificial intelligence and requires a lot of compute power to provide acceptable performance.

    Apple, likely, could run Siri on an A4 -- but the performance would be marginal and defeat the purpose.

    vlingo and google's recognition work on lowend Androids.

    This artificial intelligence thing... I have a feeling it would be sweet if it worked, but I just somehow doubt Apple has replicated IBM's Watson for iOS. With this type of thing it's either awesome or a useless gimmick and toy. People just want accurate recognition and dictation, like Android has had for years. All they want to do is be able to speak a destination for GPS or a Google search. Well, I guess. Since the free Google Nav isn't on iOS...I would imagine (maybe?) this Siri thing works with other apps.

    Welcome to 2009, Apple and iOS.

    I can't wait to see what Nexus Prime holds. They sure made the iPhone camera sound awesome though, I will say. And the physical shutter button is great.
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    Originally Posted by benanderson89 View Post

    iPhone 4S = iPhone 5 with the name "4S" instead of "5"

    It would have the same internals - don't deny it.

    Why is everyone bitching in here? Its a good phone - the only thing I see missing from the rumoured 5 is the larger display and, to be honest, the iPhone already has a fantastic display (probably the best on the market), so I'm more than happy to give up the larger display panel to keep the high DPi count and not have apps break for one reason or another.

    The 64GB storage, the 1080p video recording, higher quality photographs with faster shutter, far better graphics capabilities, improved antenna design - I'm pre ordering one!

    Agreed, I read your post after posting a similar comment. It's all in the name why folks are booing, name it a 5 and add 1mm to the screen and people would rave. \
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    Originally Posted by Aquatic View Post

    vlingo and google's recognition work on lowend Androids.


    Welcome to 2009, Apple and iOS.

    Pay attention. This is nothing like Google's server-side voice system.
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    Originally Posted by sarges View Post

    disappointing event, no new iPhone just a re-cooked iPhone 4, true to form as in the past (see iPhone 3GS), I guess they feel they are well in front of the competition there is no need of anything new. I don't see many iPhone users upgrading to 'this', 3G and 3GS sure but not 4s. I guess we have to wait another 12 months to see anything new.

    You are exactly right, and Apple doesn't expect many iPhone 4 owners to upgrade. Apple understands that the vast majority of iPhone users are going to upgrade when their contract is up and not before. The iPhone 4 crowd will get to be wow'd with next year's iPhone 5 when their contracts are up. The 3GS users who have been holding out for the new phone are going to be mostly happy with a serious improvement in every way by the new 4S.

    If you think Apple is counting on people upgrading their phones every year, you are sadly mistaken. Especially in this economy. Give it a rest.
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    Originally Posted by Prof. Peabody View Post

    I don't play Infinity Blade. I don't go to Europe or Japan. There is no CDMA in my country.

    For me, and for many other average phone users, it's a lame, thin, almost irrelevant upgrade.

    Yes and of the millions and millions of iPhone users they are all just like you and only like you.
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    Originally Posted by alienzed View Post

    What would you rather have, a corvette with a Corolla engine or a Corolla with a corvette engine?

    Makes ya think...

    Actually... a few years back, someone dropped a Corvette engine and gearbox into an Austin Healey

    Reportedly, the weight was pretty close.

    Apparently, the thing could climb a wall... ...but had difficult with certain maneuvers -- turning and stopping, for example
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    Originally Posted by wcbaritone10 View Post

    However I feel my generation will still be unhappy simply because it looks the same which is a real shame.

    "You're generation" must be very short sighted.
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    Originally Posted by resnyc View Post

    The difference between the 3G and the 3GS, in terms of user experience, is huge, but did we know that before anyone had the 3GS in their hands? Do you have a 4S in your hands?

    Well, I think a lot of people imagined it. How long did it take for your apps to load on your 3G? People knew it need a speed boost.

    Now how long does it take apps to load on your iPhone 4? I know apps on mine load very quickly. So even if the 4s is instantaneous loading, is the user experience really that much improved?

    The best example we have of this is the iPad to iPad 2. After all, that is an A4 to A5 comparison. My dad had an iPad 1 and then bought an iPad 2. I asked him if he noticed any differences between them. He said he loved how the 2 was a lot thinner. When I asked about speed, he said, "Speed?". (And the iPad 2 had more RAM as well.)
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    I think this is short-sighted in that software is only constrained by the hardware that can run it. Software developers are going to take advantage of what is there in ways that may not yet be anticipated. That is going to be felt in the older slower phones.

    Originally Posted by Prof. Peabody View Post

    This is why the new iPhone is such a let-down. Yes, on paper, it's a whole new phone and way better than the original one, but in reality it doesn't do anything for the average user that the old one didn't do.

    I don't play Infinity Blade. I don't go to Europe or Japan. There is no CDMA in my country.

    For me, and for many other average phone users, it's a lame, thin, almost irrelevant upgrade.

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    Originally Posted by iKol View Post

    You just got to love all the excuses on here for such a lame day. This iPhone could have been released as is in June with an IOS and Siri upgrade now just like the iPad 2 will get. Instead Appje bitchslappwd y'all waiters for 4 months and now your new contracts won't begin until October when they could have in June.


    Get a life. The very idea that anyone's mind functions in such a way as to refer to Apple "bitchslapping" anybody because they waited 4 extra months, for reasons we can only guess at - well that's borderline psychotic. Yeah, "pathetic" is a very apt word to describe a company that has gone from nearly folding to become the world's most valuable, in 12 years, with precisely the same business practices they showed to the world today.
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    Apple designs, and the iPhone in particular, are so refined and elegant that it leaves nowhere to go without destroying it. It's like Detroit carmakers who would once in a while come up with an iconic design, but the pressures of the marketplace required them to "update" that design for several years. They would destroy its integrity by adding fins, chrome, and other crap in the name of "new."

    The next design of the iPhone will have to be something completely new, and the current classically simple design is so pleasing that there is no reason to supersede it, yet. It has taken today's aesthetic to the max. In a way it's like we have to wait for our culture to evolve a bit further before we can come up with something as iconic to harmonize with it.

    Pity Apple's competitors who have nothing visual to copy for the next year. They'll just have to keep adding buttons and silly shapes to give the illusion of design innovation.
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    this always happens.. the techies are disappointed but Apple hits the right buttons with the mass market and sells a boat load of them.. Just you wait.. they will be sold out by lunch time on Oct 7th and we will see them scalped on eBay for $1500. People complaining they cant get them for months.
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    Originally Posted by spliff monkey View Post

    Yes and of the millions and millions of iPhone users they are all just like you and only like you.

    You really don't come off too well on here SpliffMonkey. He said "many other average phone users." Try not to freak out.
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