Now a good time to get iPad 2? Or wait?



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    I find it extremely useful compared to an iPhone. Obviously each person has different needs.

    Originally Posted by M3rc Nate View Post

    Family member wants a iPhone and iPad, so i told her to wait till 4S and she has, i am just curious if she gets the iPad 2 she will regret it because the new 3/HD version will be out super soon.

    The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence! If iPad usage clicks with her she will have no regrets. Even if iPad 3 cones out in march the usage of the device for those months leading up to version three will be worthwhile.


    I am really just curious what the community knows with their ear to the ground on rumors and info.

    The community knows nothing. All we gave is history and guesses.


    Also if there is a "ipad" yearly event like there is a "iPhone" event that just happened, and if so when is that normally?

    Even updates are not written in stone. You could see a new iPad anytime between Janurary and May. This should be obvious after the long wait for iPhone 4S. Sometimes shipping a product isn't about having the hardware ready it is about software and other programs.

    Speaking of hardware I'm kinda expecting a huge performance leap. Could be wrong of course but if they can manage 22 or 28 nm technology for the A6 we could have a very interesting machine on our hands. 28 nm would give us a vastly improved GPU and a power savings. 22 nm would allow for the addition of more cores along with the improved GPU and probably other features all while saving power. Interesting times.

    In any event I'm convinced she would rather have the iPad for six month than to wait for it.
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    6 months past an apple release, you're kind of screwed. I'd wait. Especially what happend this year.
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