Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dies



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    Oh, wow, I was hoping his health was not in decline, but rather he quit being CEO to get stronger. Guess he was there to the end after all. I had been looking for accounts of his health yesterday and today after I read there was an empty front row seat at the Apple Event yesterday, that just made me nervous that he wouldn't be at an event if he could. I saw the news in another thread here, thought the post was trolling, but then there were several other posts about it, so I jumped to Yahoo right away.

    I live just South of Cupertino, after a day of broken sun and clouds right now it is dark and rainy again. Much like how my heart is at this moment.

    Rest in Peace Steve, you will be missed so incredibly much. Deepest condolences to his family and friends.

    -GiGi (Apple user since 1987)
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    I never met Steve. I never heard him speak in person. Yet, he put so much of himself into Apple and into its products that I use everyday, that I feel I have lost a long-time personal friend.

    My deepest condolences to his family and to all of those at Apple.

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    "I wonder if Apple will be able to sustain their level of innovation and growth over the long term without Steve Jobs to lead the way"

    Yes, it will, Steve was a leader, and a good leader creates leaders, Apple will stay growing as long as they follow Steve's business ideas.

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    All sympathies to his family.

    Thank you for everything, Steve.
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    There's no reason for it to, but Steve's death feels like a personal loss to me. I've been a loyal Apple devotee since high school, since before I even knew who Steve Jobs was. Apple's products, and in a way the company itself, has since become an integral part of my everyday life, and Steve Jobs an inspiration to me like no other.

    R.I.P. Steve. Thanks for everything. My heartfelt best wishes go out to his family.
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    adonissmuadonissmu Posts: 1,776member
    Wow this is sad news. So sad news.
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    9to5Mac has additional reactions to the sad news from Mr. Jobs family, Tm Cook and Bill Gates.
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    Not only did SJ shaped several industries but the way people embrace technology.

    His vision was just amazing. The companies he built transformed not only Apple and Disney through Next and Pixar respectively but their respective competitors. He inspired the people he worked with and some of us through products that offered "simple brilliance".

    May he rest in peace!

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    Thank you, Steve. You are responsible for the current stage of my career, I love developing for the iPhone.
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    A visionary for all of us, from so many years ago,

    His loyal faithful, we never said "no"

    We all believed in the genius of thee

    His team, their products, yet still not many believed

    Then came the iMac, the iPod and more

    Now we all carry iPhones and iPads galore

    The world knows what all us early believers believed

    We lost our Visionary today, our hero, our Steve.

    We will miss your genius and passion for perfection.

    Warren B.

    Switching people to Apple since 1985.
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    Thank you Steve. You've touched lot of people in so many ways (myself included) and left this earth far too early. I'm glad to have been around in having been able to experience both the lowest of the lows and the highest of the highs being a part of the Apple "family".

    Rest in Peace
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    For me his final words "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish," still resonate from his Stanford speech. He will be missed by so many people on so many levels. The world is a better place by his accomplishments. My prayers go out for him and his family. God bless and rest in peace Steve!
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    It's sad to see him go. I hope his next life is just as amazing as this one was.

    Now I wonder what Apple will do without him. The latest iPod Touch non-update was pathetic. White.... really?

    The Mac Book Air is pretty cool.

    The iPad is great too.

    The iPhones are OK but they don't cater to video media as well as they could.

    Will Apple come out with a new type of device that the world will embrace? We'll only know as the next couple of years pass.

    Will Apple try to hire Woz in a more active role as a tech visionary? In an interview not to long ago he mentioned that he wanted to talk to Steve about something that he wanted to do many years ago but the technology wasn't advanced enough but now it is.

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    I couldn't believe the news when I heard. I know he's been ill but you always wish for the best when it comes to one of our best. As I was reading article after article covering this sad piece of news, it wasn't until I went to the Apple web site that it became real. Seeing that immediately brought tears to my eyes.

    I remember even as a teenager, how Apple computers were always just somehow more inspired than IBM and their clones. My first computer was an Apple Iic. The first computer class I took was on Apple IIe and II pluses. Oh how these little machines inspired.

    Steve was a true visionary and a very smart businessman. He was the kind of role model you aspired to be like. Today, we lost a person who both directly and indirectly positively influenced the way we all function on a day to day basis.

    Rest in peace Steve. You will indeed be missed.
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    Rest in Peace Steve.

    You're responsible for helping shape our world as it is today, and you're influence and accomplishments will be felt by every one of us until we one day join you.

    Rest in Peace, if anyone deserves to it's you.
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    dlcmhdlcmh Posts: 43member
    Thanks for all that you have done, Steve Jobs.

    My prayers go out to your family and loved ones.

    Rest in peace.
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    Thanks, Steve.

    Sent from my Mac.
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    When i using my ipad2 this morning 615am (Vietnam Time), it felt from my hand and drop on the floor...and 10mins i watch the Bloomberg News, announcing he has passed away...

    Really a sad new to the global fan...i have bought my first mac book pro and ipone 3g in 2008 and no others brand afterward...

    Every one will missed him for sure...
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    Originally Posted by Hellacool View Post

    R.I.P Apple, you are nothing without him.

    I thought we'd get above 30 replies before some jerk went negative. Oh, well.
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