iOS 5: "Music" app still sucks



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    Originally Posted by bsenka View Post

    Did your iPhones have a Videos app BEFORE iOS 5?

    You can't delete any of the 'core' Apple apps if you wanted to.

    Can you access your videos from the iTunes app (see post #12)?

    Not that I can see. My iTunes also lacks the "Library" button that you showed.
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    Originally Posted by JLL View Post

    That image is appears when you click on the Store button from within the Videos app. Click on Library and you will be taken back to the Videos app.

    I don't have a Videos app.


    Try and double click the Home button when you're in iTunes. Videos should be in the list that appears.

    It isn't. iTunes is though, and when I open it, I get the screen I posted.
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    Originally Posted by bsenka View Post

    I don't have a Videos app...

    Then you need to call Apple support. There's something wrong with your installation if you don't have a "Videos" app on an iPhone running iOS5.
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    Anyone try swiping to delete songs/albums/artists from the Music app? Yay it deletes from the device! Then when you sync with iTunes on your PC, those songs get restored back to the playlists they were in on your device!!!! WHY???

    Would be nice to choose between these options:

    - Current method (default, safe for typical users): Delete songs from all playlists on current device, but then are restore back when sync with iTunes on PC.

    - Alternative 1: Delete from all playlists on my current device, and delete it from those same playlists on other devices (PC/iPhone/iPad), but keep those songs still in your iTunes library on your PC.

    - Alternative 2: Same as Alternative 1, but also delete those songs from your iTunes library on your PC.
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