Samsung accused of lifting iPhone screenshot for Galaxy Player promo



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    Originally Posted by lamewing View Post

    Yes, because Apple invented the square.

    it doesn't matter if they invented the is quite obvious that Samsung apes Apple designs...why? No clue...but they do.

    This isn't the rounded rectangle thing I go on about, even with the same square shape they could've differentiated significantly.
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    Well, this is embarrasing.

    Originally Posted by Netimoon View Post

    It's funny because about 3.5M Galaxy S-IIs have been sold worldwide, which means, over 85% of sales were domestic.

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    Originally Posted by monstrosity View Post

    Same goes for my home country, the UK. The anti-american shit that I hear disgusts me.

    I would certainly say that any country that starts to looks elsewhere for identity has long since lost its way.

    Inspiration found elsewhere at times looks and reads as desperation that serves no one.
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    jcozjcoz Posts: 251member
    Originally Posted by lamewing View Post

    Yes, because Apple invented the square.

    Just look at the previously used chargers from Samsung.
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    nkalunkalu Posts: 315member
    Samsung ia a thief.

    There is no end to thievery.
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    Originally Posted by monstrosity View Post

    If I'm honest, the current news stories featured on that site are not great examples, and the BBC have been reined in a little since the Conservative/Liberal coalition.

    Currently they are blaming the economy on the current government, when the reality is the last government (socialists) overspent and miss managed the economy. The coalition is just trying to pick up the pieces and get the economy on back on track. This kind of bias programming is hard to prove, and hard for most people to perceive without a reasonable economic understanding, and memories of greater capacity than goldfish.

    Also currently, they are helping fuel anti bank protesters.

    And listen to how they portray Rupert Murdoch next time they report him (there are plain obvious self serving reasons why they don't like Rupert).

    Having restrained my desire to respond to you so far I just can't any longer - this is just absolute right wing bullshit.

    The current Government are the ones who deregulated the banking sector back in the 80's - the consequences of which we are seeing now. It's a typical right wing tendency to blame the left wing for over spending etc when in reality it's only the left who invest in infrastructure, schools, hospitals , welfare for the disadvantaged or elderly, minimum wage for the low paid etc etc.

    I suggest your view is myopic in the extreme - yes the previous Government overspent in some areas but I would suggest they had a better grip on how to sort that out then this current bunch of no-hopers.
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    You all know how to this thread is going to end, right? The Samdroid defenderz will post picturez of that picture frame, but only from the front... it's the equivalent of posting "hitler" in other forums. Don't do it. I'm not in the mood to load it over my 3G data plan.
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    Samsung's new desktop computer:

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    Originally Posted by Netimoon View Post

    Why am iNot surprised? They have no sense of shame.

    Everything they build is a knock off, even a charger too.

    I've said it before, the Asian culture doesn't have a sense of creating from scratch. They copy--literally. I learned this during college speaking with some of my classmates. Even today in the work environment, I have a Chinese colleague that validates this cultural difference.
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    Originally Posted by Apple ][ View Post

    I have an enormous conscience, far bigger than most people's.

    1. the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one's conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action: to follow the dictates of conscience.

    2. the complex of ethical and moral principles that controls or inhibits the actions or thoughts of an individual.

    It seems that you were implying that I don't have any conscience, since I believe that Apple should pull out of South Korea. You may disagree with me, but I am no less morally correct than anybody else.

    For the record I found your remarks a bit over the top also. You are essentially blaming a whole people for the actions of a company.

    I have Korean friends and family and I'm pretty sure they aren't all evil.
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    A prime example of what I'm talking about just got posted to my facebook account by an idiot who works in the media. Here ya go?

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    Originally Posted by monstrosity View Post

    You need to open your ears mate. Not only is it anti US, it is anti Israel...

    In all fairness, once you leave the USA, most countries and their media outlets could be referred to as "anti-Israel," and most don't see this as a bad thing.

    Israel is a pretty horrible place. It has a racist, quasi-fascist government. It violates international law with great regularity. It violates almost every treaty it signs. It was the only "western" country to strongly support apartheid in South Africa and now supports a very similar system within it's own borders.

    Being "anti-Israel" (not anti-Semitic), is a very common point of view outside of the USA.
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    Originally Posted by Netimoon View Post

    ... [b]They also make up a story, for example, "Steve Jobs was so angry after he saw Samsung products because Galaxy S-II phone was much better than iPhone 4, and this is the true reason Apple filed suite against Samsung. ... This kind of story is in fact published by giant newspapers. (and millions of morons who believe everything they read praise Samsung ...

    Unfortunately, the Koreans are the same as everyone else. Millions of Americans also believe everything they read about how great America is (it isn't really).
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    Originally Posted by monstrosity View Post

    A prime example of what I'm talking about just got posted to my facebook account by an idiot who works in the media. Here ya go?

    Yes, but that is how most Americans do view the world. Actually, I take that back because most Americans could not name the continents or find countries on a map, so it's unlikely they could even find China, Korea, Russia or even Europe. And I also think this is how most of the candidates seeking the Republican nomination view the world.

    Test it for yourself: get a blank map of the world and go to your local high school or college campus and see if anyone can get it even remotely right. Don't even ask them to find France or Spain - just ask them to locate Europe, then ask them to find China or India. Then ask those same people how many U.S. states there are and the name of the Vice-President. My bet is that an astonishing number don't know. And that's just the people who are supposedly getting an education. In fact, I wonder if all the presidential candiates could pass such a test. (I think they would probably get the # of states and the name of the VP correct, but I bet they wouldn't get the geography right.)
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    Originally Posted by aBeliefSystem View Post

    I would certainly say that any country that starts to looks elsewhere for identity has long since lost its way...

    I look at it the other way around.

    Any country that has a strong, internal sense of National identity is usually a problem, and they are approaching the future backwards.

    Every country in that category is a country that causes problems internationally. The stronger the sense of national identity they have, the more problems they cause overall, both internally and in their interactions with the other countries/nations.

    The whole point of the 21st century is that the nations of the world have to find a way to merge into a cohesive whole. Our countries, and the cultures they represent need to come together, not draw lines around themselves.

    Braggards, aggressors, and countries that think a lot of themselves are the main obstacle to that goal and thus the main obstacle to world peace IMO.
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    Originally Posted by monstrosity View Post

    Oh far from it, like I said above, I have perceived the UK and compared it from pretty much every country on the planet. My perception is a million miles from myopic! I am also a generalist. If anyone was capable of a balanced and educated view of the UK by comparison to the world, it's me.

    Also, by the way, I have been involved with many newsworthy and sometimes controversial events which I know damn well have been span by the BBC because I had access to the full facts. Social engineering is rife within the organisation.

    I'm afraid you'll find that journalism in general is a very hypocritical, frustrating business. I find the BBC guilty of laziness at times certainly, and an insipid style on occasion driven from a desire to be seen as neutral. Apple is a good example of a company whose extraordinary success over the past 5 years has been very understated there in an attempt to be seen as reporting on just another company, when in reality these are seismic days in the technology world.

    I do think some experiences with the BBC have coloured your perception of the organisation as a whole. BBC News and the broader BBC programming are different beasts. Whilst I'm sick of unnecessary sexual overtones in programmes like Doctor Who and the incessant, almost dogmatic preaching of evolution without any up-to-date information, I think on the whole it's a very fine institution that we'll all sorely miss if it fails to survive.

    Originally Posted by monstrosity View Post

    A prime example of what I'm talking about just got posted to my facebook account by an idiot who works in the media. Here ya go…

    I think you take it too much to heart. Most people can laugh at that and know it's not at all representative of the broader American mindset. I know for a fact that some of my American friends will find that funny. I can assure you though, there are some Americans for whom that graphic rings worryingly true. America is a vast place, more a continent than a country, and there are some of the finest human beings there, and some of the very worst.

    Try to have a sense of humour and trust people's ability to judge for themselves a little more. The line peddled in the media isn't necessarily what the man on the street feels. Take evolution, according to a book I read an excerpt from recently, the reality is that the large majority of the American people believe in god; you'd never guess that from some programming which makes such views out to be archaic.
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    Originally Posted by lamewing View Post

    Yes, because Apple invented the square.

    At least you don't ask "How else can they design the adapter?". Bravo!
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    . . . Samsung is opening stores dedicated to showcasing and selling its products. The spare, modern stores will be marked with a large white Asian Pear on the facade. Samsung has already filed a lawsuit in Lower Slobovia claiming the entire idea of Apple Stores was stolen from them, and is asking the judge to ban the use of the white apple from all Apple stores and products. The basis of their lawsuit is the "widely known fact that everything in the West was invented first in Asia."
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    This thread is fizzling quickly in entertainment value... Where are the same tired arguments about 'Apple didn't invent the rectangle', etc?
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