Steve Jobs biography arrives early on Amazon's Kindle



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    galleygalley Posts: 971member
    I pre-orders through the iBooks Store. Got a notification shortly before midnight, and downloaded it exactly at 12:00.
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    conradjoeconradjoe Posts: 1,887member
    Originally Posted by Dickprinter View Post

    To me, it's not about fanboyism. It's about paying homage

    Buying a book does nothing to pay homage.

    Give the money to Steve's favorite charity instead.
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    auxioauxio Posts: 2,740member
    Originally Posted by umrk_lab View Post

    1) insert coin

    2) avoid klingons

    marvelous !

    Yeah - I always loved the childlike simplicity and sense of humour the early video game designers had. I still remember getting freaked out as a young child in the arcade when one of the machines would say "Coins detected in pocket" in a synthesized voice as you passed by it (Berzerk).

    Anyways, really enjoying the book. The early 70s sounded like a great time to be coming of age in the tech industry.
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    Actually got mine on iBooks at 10pm CST.
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    Originally Posted by iDave View Post

    I don't understand why you would pre-order an electronic book. Does it save you some money?

    Got my NOOK Books copy of Steve Jobs this morning and I'm reading it on my iPod touch 1st Gen.

    They could run out. Speaking of running out, my scanner never seems to need more toner. It just keeps going and going. What gives?
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    xaoxao Posts: 30member
    Just curious if there is any difference between the iBooks and Kindle version, such as color illustrations or what not?

    If not, I'll probably buy the Kindle version since I can read it on any device, even though I usually have my iPad with me most of the time.
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    When is the iBookStore going to come to New Zealand?

    Can't buy anything on it just download the Gutenberg stuff. I want to buy books from Apple not Kindle because the Kindle reader irks me.
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    Originally Posted by Robin Huber View Post

    I pre-ordered the book through iTunes last week. Then when I checked tonight to see if it was there, it was not. The label on the Store was changed to Buy, so I figured when I tried to buy it, it would say you have already purchased, but it didn't. I stopped the sale before it completed. What gives? Don't want to buy it then find out I bought it twice.

    It showed up later in the day. No problem. Enjoyed the first chapter.
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    stelligentstelligent Posts: 2,680member
    Originally Posted by ConradJoe View Post

    Buying a book does nothing to pay homage.

    Give the money to Steve's favorite charity instead.

    Every individual can choose to pay homage in his/her way. No one can say any act does not qualify.

    As for Steve's charity, does he even have one? He tried philanthropy after his first stint at Apple and completely abandoned it.
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