Nintendo profits evaporate as gamers turn to iOS



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    Originally Posted by Alfiejr View Post

    the 3DS had a fast start - all the Mario fanboys no doubt - but then it flopped hard after that. and it hasn't come back. Holiday sales are its last hope.

    the DS started slow but built up over time. at the time it was something new and different, so it took a while to catch on. and then it took off, followed by the very successful DSi.

    but the 3DS has no such excuse. if it doesn't bounce back with the Holidays, it's dead.

    If you actually knew anything about 3DS, you'd know there isn't yet a Mario game released for the system. Why would "Mario fanboys" buy the system if there isn't a Mario game for it?

    The two new Mario games - Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land - are released in the next few weeks.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,230moderator

    Nintendo profits evaporate as gamers turn to Apple's iOS

    I'd say it's probably more to do with Nintendo saturating their market and not innovating enough to maintain interest. There are around the same amount of Nintendo DSs as iPhones out there but every generation of iPhone has offered compelling upgrades, especially for people using handsets that are multiple generations back.

    The 3DS offers very little that's compelling over the DS because ultimately they need to offer unique games that take advantage of new features. Instead, they act like Disney, rehashing well known franchises over and over but failing to recreate that spark of innovation that made those franchises great.

    It happened to Sega long ago and now they push their software on iOS. It would be great if Nintendo went this route but great for Apple and Apple customers not Nintendo and Nintendo customers as Nintendo would no longer control the end-to-end model. Want a learning program that uses a stylus? Sorry, no dice.

    The whole gaming industry is getting like the movie industry though. People just seem to be running out of good stories to tell. Just take Rage for example. The team at id come out thinking they've done something amazing and people just say it's like Borderlands, which has already been done and it took id 6 years or so to build it.

    Publishers/development studios need to invest heavily in story-tellers and really talented concept artists. Rehashing shallow games isn't the way forward, it'll turn gaming into reality TV. Watered down, disposable entertainment where costs go down and profits go down and nobody is inspired by it.

    I expect Sony's NGP to do better but not having video output to a TV is such a wasted opportunity and poor battery life, high price and expensive, rehashed PS3 games don't help matters.
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    Originally Posted by Vadania View Post

    Let me help Apple ][ out here, is Nintendo another walled garden? From what I learned in school it would appear to be. But no one harps on them...

    or xbox etc


    So they could have made up their losses by introducing 'hopefully a graphically updated' Mario Bro's on the iPad. Sell it for $5.99.

    they don't even have to go that far. take the classic Super Mario trilogy and convert it and push it as Classic Mario Bros. THey could sell them for even $9.99 each and many folks would bite. Keep the newer and fancier titles for their own machines
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    Originally Posted by benanderson89 View Post

    The ironic thing about your post is, yes, a touch screen is a bit of a fail when it comes to gaming, its not going to stop Nintendo fan boys throwing roses to the feet of the Wii U - a giant touch screen.

    That's because the touch screen compliments the buttons. It doesn't replace them.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    The Xbox 360 is older. I don't see people whining. The WiiU's out next year. Where's the Xbox 360 successor? Nowhere.

    It's currently in development and will probably hit stores in 2013.
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    Sensationalist title. Anywho, Nintendo's been resting on their laurels WAAY too much. I don't want an OOT remake (I do, but...), I wan't games that WEREN'T POSSIBLE previously in a handheld.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    SHOULD. And the Mac, too. If anyone's like Nintendo, it's Apple.

    This is EXACTLY why Nintendo would never do that. They're too much like Apple. That would be like saying that Apple should port OS X to PCs and open up iOS whenever they faced an uphill battle.

    Nintendo's been through a lot, and though it's possible they won't ever be on top again, it's way too early for people on here to go "NINTENDO IS DOOMED!" as some people are ready to exclaim. Seriously, I'd expect that kind of "Mission Accomplished" talk from a Fandroid forum.
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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Nintendo needs to get creative. Maybe they need appeal to a more adult crowd.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Originally Posted by benanderson89 View Post

    Its not gamers turning to iOS, its people realising Nintendo hasn't been making anything worthwhile in nearly a decade.

    If Nintendo wants to bounce back to the glory days of the Super Nintendo, they need up to date technology to compete in the market (which is not a gimmick *cough*3DS*cough*) and some damn AAA titles. Hey, the reason the Super Nintendo was so good was for just that - Superior hardware to the rest of the market and almost everything for the SNES was a AAA title.

    Ninento was and is good because of Mario and friends, courtesy the GENIUSES at Nintendo.

    Super Mario. Zelda. Mario Kart. Smash Brothers. Their games are quick to learn, fun for beginners and hardcore gamers alike, they're rated G and safe and fun for little kids all the way through old people. Wii is awesome too with its controller.

    I can't believe what is happening to games. Angry Birds and Farmville are the the death of games. Between the addictive WoW-type games and the 'insert credit card here to water your "plants"' Zynga crap... Nintendo to me is like the middle ground. Awesome games, that are accessible, yet not braindead like Mafia Wars or Angry Crap. I want Nintendo to stay around!

    Here is my scenario for how to keep Nintendo in business. Its library is already golden. Let us BUY old Nintendo games and play them on emulators on Android or iPhone. I already have Mario Bros. on my Droid. Works like a CHARM it is awesome. My next Android phone which will have HDMI out...I"ll get a few Bluetooth controllers and be able to go over to someone's house and play Nintendo or PlayStation games with them by just hooking my phone up to their TV and grabbing our controllers.

    I don't get why the consoler makers (Sony, Nintendo) are against emulators. Consoles lose money right? That's what I have seen people here say. So, let us buy the ROMs. They don't even need to make emulators, they are already awesome. Also sell us the controllers. Who better to make the controllers and accessories than Nintendo?

    Although I doubt Apple would ever allow that on iPhone officially...Or maybe they will change their ways? But I am sure lots of Android handset makers would go for this. It would make money for everyone, and make casual gamers like me happy to fork over some money. I'd rather have a quality gaming experience I pay for than a half-ass one that is free. When quality is important, people pay for it. I pay for songs I really like because I don't want a crap MP3 and the same is true for games. I don't want to have to mess around with stuff when I want to get my gaming on.

    What does everyone think? Any reason this wouldn't work?
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