Google TV gaining Android Market, simpler interface with new update



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    This is the Google TV that should've come out in the first place. I have an Apple TV though (mostly bought it because I'm a fanboy) and I'm happy with that. No Hulu, but Netflix + itunes rentals is good enough for now. Does anyone here know if Apple TV is considered a success? Apple usually makes really compelling products but I don't see the need to tell my friends to go out and buy Apple tv, especially if they have a Netflix enabled console/tv and competitively priced products that offer more, Like Roku.
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    philboogiephilboogie Posts: 7,494member
    Originally Posted by jfanning View Post

    The ATV1 is crap, it is slow, it loses sync to iTunes constantly <snap> And did I mention it is slow?

    I agree, the ATV1 is indeed slow. Nothing to do with my network either (WiFi or CAT5) the processor is simply to slow. Switching from.. I don't know, say Photo's to something other, music, it is slow. Even if you keep a small amount of media on the device. I tried to use it about 5 times but now took the HDMI cable and plugged it into a just purchased Mini. That was 1 week before they released ATV2 here in Europe - LOL.

    Still, I get to watch all video formats (with VLC etcetera) which the ATV can't do (at least, not straight out of the box). Besides, content is now stored locally on the Mini so I don't need to have my Mac powered on.
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    Originally Posted by nht View Post

    I guess you still do deserve ridicule.

    He gets it. He just thinks its stupid and I agree. An Apple branded TV with no other inputs is just dumb and would be a market failure.

    Ok. Saved. I'll hold you to that.
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    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    Netflix? Netflix? Figures. It's for Fandroids, Reed Hastings fans, and short sellers. It's the worst thing out there in terms of choices, flexibility, streaming quality (I've suspended my account for over six months now, and haven't missed it an iota).


    Then you must be a true iTunes addict and only want an iTunes vending machine. Very very few people will EVER want that- given a choice. This is not 5 years ago.
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