Google releases, pulls official Gmail app for iPhone, iPad



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    hill60hill60 Posts: 6,992member
    Originally Posted by linkgx1 View Post

    Um....have you even used a naitive Gmail app? Superior to anything on iOS when it coems to gmail. Works so well. Especially how it ties in to google voice, texting and whatnots.

    Google voice doesn't work where I live, besides I have one phone number that is always on me and almost everyone I know can call it for free just like I can call them for free.

    I have unlimited SMS and MMS as part of my plan.

    I also have iMessage, not that I really needed it anyway.

    Gmail which I use as a spam gathering experiment and archive works fine as Exchange in the iOS mail App.

    In other words I couldn't care less about any of your points.
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    Originally Posted by hill60 View Post

    I have iMessage.

    I also have unlimited SMS and MMS, not that I really needed it anyway.

    Fixed. Now you're future-proofed.
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    steven n.steven n. Posts: 1,229member
    Originally Posted by linkgx1 View Post

    *bases experience off gmail for android* Ooooooopppppppppsssssssss!

    That would be the "native gmail" client. The controls were far too tightly packed in with too many controls for easy workability while moving. There are always too many functions on the screen (flags, etc) forcing me to stop while doing simple reading while walking. I frequently activate options I did not mean to.

    For some weird reason, Android users equate "lots of features" = "great design" even if it makes the product almost unusable.

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    adamcadamc Posts: 583member
    Bye bye gmail, I knew you well, now it is
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    Tested it out while it was up and needless to say the app was shit. Why Google would launch such unfinished crap is beyond me - it looked like they had been improving recently. The Facebook app just about gets by, but I'd like to see less of these apps that simply serve as wrappers around the website. There's no benefit over a web app.
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    shawnbshawnb Posts: 155member
    Originally Posted by lalaruza View Post

    But I am wondering seriously why would I want another app for email rather than the iOS mail?

    I mean does it do something special that mail won't do?

    Please let me know as I am just curious. THanks

    There's a couple of Gmail features (labels, priority inbox, stars) that some people find useful and would probably never make it into a standard Apple Mail client because they are specific to Gmail.

    I'd simply like a native Gmail client because I prefer keeping my work (Exchange) and personal (Gmail) separate, with separate unread badges and new mail notifications, and one-click access directly to each separate inbox. It sounds absurdly minor, but it's a huge convenience to me and really one of the few Android features I miss.

    Although a native Gmail client that is merely a wrapper for the webmail would probably be a huge disappointment.
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    stelligentstelligent Posts: 2,680member
    Originally Posted by CaryMG View Post

    As per usual, people are missing OBVIOUS pointt. *

    There is one reason & one reason only this happened ....

    Apple let it go through to humiliate GOOGLE.

    In the 4 year history of iOS, I have never, ever, ever seen a developer pulling it's own app hours after it's release. *

    Oh sure -- Apple has taken down apps immediately for various & sundry reasons, but not the developers themselves.

    So something like this, especially for a humongous tech name like GOOGLE, is absolutely mortifying.

    Apple says time & again that the NUMBER ONE REASON why they reject/pull an app

    is*because the app doesn't do what it says it does ....

    So they see that this doesn't work, but put it in the App Store anyway?

    C'mon ....

    Apple is the self-appointed QC and gatekeeper of all iOS apps. So indeed, anyone who only blames Google is living in the RDF. But to take the next step and accuse Apple of having done this on purpose is just paranoid. After all, reasonable people would egg on both parties.
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    clauclau Posts: 15member
    I have always touted the iOS email as one of the best and my personal favorite, it's the only place where you can check multiple email accounts all at the same time. I have different email addresses for different purposes, so the native iOS application works great for me. As far as I can see, this Google GMail app is still a single account sign on app, and frankly, it's quite useless.
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    Google often releases buggy beta in their first attempts. Accordingly, Apple probably figured it was working as designed.
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    macrulezmacrulez Posts: 2,455member
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