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    Get a Mac... What are you waiting for!?

    That still wouldn't solve his problem of using lousy cloud sites. iCloud is still new give Apple time they'll add to it more and more. If he's really into cloud computing then I recommend a Chromebook. I have one for traveling because all I really needs is a dumb terminal to login into my work server or home server. Chrome OS forces you to work and play in cyberspace, this is very apealing to me. Using cloud programs out, there are now wonderfull IDE's for Java, Python, C++, PHP just about anything really, Microsoft Office online or Skydrive is really cool, there are full fledge music creation apps like the wildy insanely awsome . I recommend anyone to check out the Chrome Store. You can use any of the apps on Chrome for Mac. Sorry iPad users but most of these apps are still based on Flash. It will still be a little while longer before HTML5 really takes off. Hopefully by 2013.
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    Free DropBox (which Apple tried to buy but didn't get its paws on, so they had to create iCloud – a rip-off of DropBox – themselves), SugarSync, and Minus are perfectly usable 'clouds'. They operate cross-platform: between OSX, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android. And they don't require OSX or iOS to run!
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    One of the best innovation IMO and one of the main reason i love Apple.

    Can create backup anytime and sync my contacts everything from my iPhone.


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