Disney CEO Bob Iger joins Apple board as Art Levinson named Chairman



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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    There's only one other person on the planet who you can say, "Oh, of course. That's a given," about getting the Apple Chairman of the Board position (except he wouldn't want it) and only three others who could even be in the running. And they're not this guy.

    Just curious exactly who the three plus one are? Didn't see the earlier thread referred to...
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    Just curious exactly who the three plus one are? Didn't see the earlier thread referred to...

    The one, I figure, would be Woz in a strictly name-only sense. He'll always be an engineer, never a businessman.

    The other three are Tim Cook, king of operations after the Second Steveing; Jonathan Ive, creator of world-renoun design aesthetics; and Scott Forstall, Steve 2.0, or so his associates say, in charge of the newest computer revolution, walking in the footsteps of Woz and Jobs.
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    I don't know the answer to that. It is possible the shares went into a trust from the beginning and the same trust owns them. Jobs knew he had a serious form on cancer in 2003. The sale of Pixar to Disney was in 2006. Here is some speculation on the topic.

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    I would try to further prove your point but apparently death does not trigger an SEC filing.

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    At the time of his death, Jobs had no control over Pixar. He sold it to Disney. Disney owns it. All Jobs had was a seat on Disney's Board, and a whole bunch of Disney stock.

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    Doesn't the shares become inherited by the family? Wouldn't the Family (such as Steve's wife) have the option to sell the shares or maybe just be a silent partner in Pixar? I wouldn't think that the family would have role of control in Pixar.

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