Typical iPad buyer is male, pet-owning video game player



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    evilutionevilution Posts: 1,360member
    Apart from the "Male" part, all wrong.
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    sipsip Posts: 210member
    Originally Posted by Evilution View Post

    Apart from the "Male" part, all wrong.

    Same applies here
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    This article is a lie. Cats own you.\

    Or if you're in russian, everything owns you.
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    Female. Physician. Two cats (also female). No games. Travel mostly in US but love International. Agree with vitamins. Toilet paper is "over". Red-head. Green eyes. Right-handed.

    My iStuff

    ************************************************** *

    iPad2 iMac iPhone 4S iPod classic

    The boy-friend:

    iWhat? Ancient beige Dell tower running XP with non flatscreen monitor. Doesn't use TP. Won't take vitamins. Dog person. Drinks Pepsi.

    Hmmmm. Maybe I need to upgrade HIM.
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    I have cat. And Xbox 360. No iPad. I nned to be apart of this statistic, can someone send an iPad to St. Louis?
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