Apple products join cash & clothes atop teens' Christmas wishlists



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    Originally Posted by xavier83 View Post

    Apple is attracting fashonist instead of Geeks...

    With their sales numbers Apple is attracting everyone, including geeks!
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    Originally Posted by King of Beige View Post

    either a sense of humor or so much for the AI claims. lol
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    simtubsimtub Posts: 277member
    I'm interested in how well the Sony Vita will sell this holiday season.

    Regarding xboxes and ps3's. most kids already own one of these shared devices as they have been around for a long time so demand for these products should have declined over the years. Kinetic should be a good seller for the price point.

    I remember getting my game boys, Atari lynx's and commodore amigas for Christmas. Kids these days don't realise how lucky they are with all this advanced tech.

    Only 4 weeks to go... Merry Christmas
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    Originally Posted by King of Beige View Post

    image removed

    Wins the thread!
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    1.1% of children want a Mac for Christmas Does that mean want as in 'expect' or just as a total fantasy? I do shake my head in disbelief when I read things like this. As a kid I felt that I was so lucky when I received a small transistor radio for Xmas from my parents and the idea that kids today want a Mac I find extraordinary, and even an iPod Touch seems quite greedy.
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