Mac OS X 10.7.3 beta supports AMD's next-gen desktop graphics



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    I don't think Adobe would bother making After Effects for the Mac nor would Autodesk make their products nor The Foundry. There is clearly a profitable enough market to make it worthwhile. They even make AutoCAD for the Mac now.

    A Mac Pro isn't necessary to justify these products though and I think Apple will find a way to phase it out over time.

    If they redesign it, it will have to stick around for a few years to justify the retooling. If it just gets a spec bump early next year, I don't think it has a long future ahead of it. It partly depends on Intel's plans too though.

    I agree. I don't have a Mac Pro but that's only because I can't afford one. I'm on a fixed budget. \ I'd still have an iMac and laptop as a personal Mac. But I do think the Mac Pro has too big a footprint. I'd like to see Apple redesign it as a Mid Tower.

    I still believe Apple will discontinue it though and replace it with a superduper iMac. Maybe they will do that with an iMac with several full blown thunderbolt ports when Intel's lightpeak technology matures. I have been very worried that Apple might in the future abandon OS X and try to make it into some type of iOS. I think that would be disastrous for me and anyone using OS X for commercial use.

    I hope they don't screw up their developer base.
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    Considering their moves with Final Cut Pro X, I believe they are heading towards a software that uses most o a Pro's assets and I think they will stick with it.

    Consumers are Pros at work, and if they use Mac at home....

    What I think is that, the Pro is not profitable cause we do not need to update them as often.

    I still have my 2008(early) beauty here with 8 cores and 12 GB RAM, that works still great.

    Probably we would see a huge update every 2-3 years on the line, and drivers coming out so we could actually replace the GPU as it fits.

    I am planning to replace mine with the ATI 5890 not because it is a problem for work but my games on my Windows disk would benefit from that.

    The Pro line does not generate big profits directly but I think is essential to Apple.

    The 64bit architecture of Final Cut, Premiere, Photoshop, AutoCad, Logic Pro and other pro Apps will need the pro to work as they should when everything moves to 64 bit.

    There is no way to fit 64GB RAM in an iMac & you can not force people who have 30' displays purchased to drop them and go for a close architecture.

    So I have a deep belief that the Pro line will stay for a very long time with us.
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    Originally Posted by NoahJ View Post

    I agree with this post 100%.

    I Second that. 100%
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