Briefly: AirPlay to add Bluetooth support, Stephen Wolfram on Steve Jobs, upcoming iPhone 4S launche



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    iqatedoiqatedo Posts: 1,824member
    Mathematica, Pages and VectorWorks are what my Macs were made for!

    I didn't realise however, the closeness of the relationship between Steven Wolfram and Steven Jobs.

    Perhaps one day, I'll be saying that Siri is what my Macs were made for...

    Onwards and upwards.
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    Yeah, Bluetooth 4.0 - great!

    Now, if I could just print from my iPhone to this Bluetooth Printer here..... oh.. it doesn't work.. but it works from every other phone: my crappy old Nokia to BB & Android..

    Why hasn't Apple ever supported Bluetooth printing on the iPhone?

    It works fine from Mac OSX!
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    I'd love to see Apple roll in DLNA support as well.
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