Samsung ramps up A5 production in Texas; iOS 5.0.1 tweak may aid Siri ports



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    So A5s are made in the US, shipped in China for assembly into iPhones and iPads, and then shipped back to the US for sale. Them gadgets are a well-traveled lot.
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    Originally Posted by pmz View Post

    since when is battery life a major issue where Apple is concerned? They out do the entire electronics industry on battery life and that remains true generation after generation. The 4S has the best battery life of any iPhone yet (despite the wild fantasies of a few irritating bloggers), and the iPad is simply ridiculous.

    The A6 powered devices of 2012 will be twice as fast as what we own now, with higher resolution displays, and as good or better battery life. How's that for awesome?

    Galaxy Tab is labeled as a higher battery life under same circumstances. iPhone 4s has been riddled with complaints in their batter life (mostly software driven) and the newer line of batteries for mac books appear to be easily hacked and made null and void. There are many concerns with the new iPhone over battery life, and while it is definitely the case that you can rely on the standby battery on the iPhone vs many others, it doesn't mean it's the best battery and causes concerns when comparing to previous products that did have 'the best battery available'.

    Also, the next generation of processors in tablets have already been released and beat apple to the punch. Is that just as awesome?
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