AT&T drops bid to acquire T-Mobile



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    What loses? They'll be getting a $4 Billion check from AT&T for their time and trouble. I'd say that some people will be getting a bonus.

    However as an AT&T customer, I suspect I am going to see a rate increase in my future.

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    T-Mobile will start auctioning off its spectrum to cover it's losses.

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    Good news. The US needs more carriers not less.

    More like WOW -- finally a large corporation not getting its way.

    Seems like this is happening in some long-ago, civilized nation,.. it must be a ruse and AT&T will acquire Vonage.
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    T-Mobile IS NOT a money losing business unit. That's just smoke and mirrors. Don't ever believe anything corporation says. Profits are down but they are not in the red. Their quarterly reports say so on their own site

    So true.

    I think EVERYONE needs to realize that, at least with a multinational corporation -- they can run showing losses FOREVER.

    GM and GE showed hardship to rid themselves of union contracts. But one set of books goes to the IRS and one to Wall Street.

    All they have to do is pay more for some widget coming from a subsidiary and then reap the profits in a tax free area -- and of course, keep money in an offshore account.

    The richest people in the world probably don't OWN ANYTHING and aren't on the Forbes 500. The system works for them -- not the other way around.
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    Bloomberg is a much more reliable source than Engadget for financial matters.

    Probably. Definitely not in other news; Bloomberg claiming prematurely Steve died. Me, I stay away from Bloomberg.
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