FW drive wont load in osX. Works fine in os9.

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My external FW drive will not load under osX without me having to initialize it. Under os9 the drive with all the partitions loads and works just fine. I'm assuming there's a corrupt file involved here. Any way to correct this? I tried disk warrior, but that didn't change things.



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    thuh freakthuh freak Posts: 2,664member
    you can try the disk utilities on the macx cd. if u startup from the cd, theres a menu option to do a disk check 'n' fix.

    but, if it loads in os9 and not in osX it could be that it is formatted as hfs. while os9 can read hfs, hfs+ (and possibly others), osX (I dont thnk) can take hfs.

    i'm not in front of a mac now, but u might b able to tell what kind of formatting it is if you go into macos9, and get info on the disk. i think it mentions it there. if it is hfs, u'll have to save the data onto some temp place (possibly burn some cds) and then reinit the drive as hfs+.
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    All my HD are formatted as HFS+. I had this FW Maxtor HD for two years now. It was working fine in osX, until recently. Could it be os10.1.5 ?

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