Amazon says 2011 was best holiday yet for Kindle family, still won't reveal sales



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    Kindle, I know iPad. iPad is a friend of mine. And Kindle, you are no iPad. My heart goes out to the little kids whose parents bought them a Kindle for Christmas. When I was a kid, my mom bought me a baseball glove from the dime store. It was not a real glove, it was just a toy glove. I appreciated it anyway and took it to school everyday. All the kids who had real gloves made fun of me and my toy glove. I couldn't really catch with it. It was like a five fingered oven mitten. My friend Mitchell offered trade gloves for a day and prove to those other kids that my glove was a real glove. Mitchell was a great athlete and could catch anything glove or no glove. So he became a really great friend over the years and we always had each others backs after that. So I told my kid not to make fun of any of the other kids whose parents happened to buy them a Kindle. I suggested he share his iPad and brag on the Kindle so as not to make the poor kids feel bad. At least the kids who have the Kindles learn some humility and maybe find a real friend here and there. Can you imagine giving a little girl a dying pony for Christmas? That's the Kindle. Just heart breaking, man. Heartbreaking.
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    Pffft. I sold twice as many tablets as amazon this holiday season. No really. Trust me. Those are the real numbers.
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