Episodic TV patent credited to Steve Jobs could be used for rumored Apple TV



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    axualaxual Posts: 244member
    Looks like new licensing revenue to me.
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    Apple isn't going to start making TV's.

    It's not good business sense, consider the problem.

    1st. We all have big screen TVs, most of which cost $Xxxx.xx, so firstly Apple would have to get you to change your TV. Unlikely unless is due for replacement or you're an Apple geek.

    2nd. There is no money in making TV's, competition is fierce, markups are small, for both the manufacturer and the retailer.

    Apple are not known for making big box items, it's not their way.

    Apple will make use of the devices we already own and lever them to their own advantage with royalties and subscription based services.

    You have a TV, you have an iPod, iPad or iPhone......


    Reckon this is more like an Apple device, it's only 3" long.

    A 3" Apple TV, built into a wireless HDMI dongle, synced with your iPad, iPod or iPhone.

    Its a quality idea.

    I started a post in the Apple rumour mill forum, I wonder if it's bull, of if it could be the real deal.

    The company that leaked it does work for MasterCard, the

    Government and more from their site, a big player?
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